A must see!

By Outis
Written August 20, 2014
The critics panned this film...which normally means the film will be good. THIS FILM WAS FANTASTIC!!! Never a dull moment, I was laughing throughout. Toper was phenomenal as the virgin brother. The cast was great. I'll be adding this one to my collection.
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dont listen to the bad reviews

By nngg
Written July 28, 2014
ok seriously...I went to see this when there was nothing else playing during early hours and needed to get a movie in fast. based on the terrible reviews and what the movie seemed to be I thought it was going to be a bad idea, but not at all. This movie is HILARIOUS. it's just over the top raunchy funny stupid. it's almost kind of like that's my boy, but less crazier, and it's basically this whole family/wedding situation coupled with tons of awkward, crazy situations, moments, etc...the entire movie is just full of HUMOR and comedy. It's funny to see older people so raunchy and vulgar...deniro keaton and everyone did a really good job. It's a REALLY funny over the top movie. and yes it's very vulgar but hilariously too.. yes it was kind of cheesy stupid at times and esp in the end, but it was still funny and entertaining. definitely go to check it out...it's not bad at all...
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The Big Wedding

By PiaZ
Written October 27, 2014
Very entertaining movie for adults. I enjoyed it as it kept you interested every inch of the way. A great cast and it was filmed in a beautiful location. (Greenwich, Ct). Each character had their own entertaining personality. The story was less predictable then I imagined. I read some so-so ratings but decided to see it for my self , and I was glad I did. This is the first DeNero character that I enjoyed in a long time. Go see it for yourself.
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A great feel-good movie

By kfashley
Written September 23, 2014
We wanted to see something funny and we got it! The entire cast was excellent - very familiar faces and the storyline and twists were great. An honest look at life, love & relationships that wasn't all Hollywood. And I swear Robert DeNiro gets better and better looking with age :)
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Big Wedding BUST

By doritt
Written March 29, 2015
Horrible. Can't believe the cast agreed to make this movie. It is embarrasing that it is so bad. They should all be ashamed of themselves. What a waste of great talent.
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