Rated R for Raunchy!

By PlanoRobbie
Written June 01, 2016
Stay away if you are sensitive to foul language and sexually explosive content! Glad I did not see it with my husband, he would have left the theater after about 15 minutes! HOWEVER, women who have been through the whole wedding debacle will laugh till they cry at some of the outrageous wedding casualties! And, I'm sorry, but I will see ANYTHING with Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandan and Robin Williams in it! Glad I got to see it, but would probably not recommend it. Extremely controversial content and just about EVERY conversation was inappropriate either racially, religiously, sexually....I think it left out politcally....thank goodness! I guess a FEW things are still sacred! Just kidding!
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The Big Wedding

By Film collector
Written October 04, 2015
Went to see this movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone although the movie has very good actors, the actors can't show their talent because the screen writing is really bad. Too much bad language. The movie does not portrait the culture of Latin America or its values. If american directors want to show other cultures in their movies, first they should study carefully about that particular country and their people.
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The Big Wedding

By fandangospark
Written December 21, 2014
Definitely a chick flick. Light, several funny places and a couple heart string moments. De Nero was the best. While predictable, you will be entertained by the headliner cast, most playing their character role.
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By tracycutc
Written May 26, 2016
Do not waste money and time on this movie. I had high hopes because of the stellar cast, but I was let down after the first 20 minutes. They could have taken Topher Grace and the plot line involving his character out of the entire movie, it made no sense at all and added nothing to the overall plot. The only message one can away from this movie is that sex, love, and marriage are meaningless. I was also offended by the constant attack on the Catholic church and the portrayal of an antiquated church viewpoint. I see lots of movies and comedies in particular, I appreciate a stupid comedy and can take catholic jokes but ignorant, meaningless and unfunny jabs are not worth it to me.
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Hilariously, Sweet, and a little Raunchy Spring Film!

By OrlandosLily
Written June 24, 2016
I've been anxious to see this film since last August and they said it was coming out in theaters last October. Well obviously they changed the date to today and honestly, it was worth the wait because it was just as funny as it looked (if not more so). I have been a fan of most of the actors & actresses in this film for years ( Ben Barnes, Katherine Heigl, Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, and Amanda Seyfried), and none them disappointed in this film. They all did a great job, and made this hilarious film that definitely had some raunchy aspects to it ( would not recommend kids to see it, too inappropriate), still a great film with a good dose of sweetness to it as well. I highly enjoyed it, and would definitely see it again. I laughed so hard I cried, and my heart was still touched at the end. Great film and I highly recommend it if you would like a good laugh. Cuz it will definitely make you laugh!!! :)
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