Nearly constant laughs

By michael_bielski
Written May 03, 2016
Seems odd not to have Robin Williams as the comedic lead, but the rest of the cast pulls it off very well. We laughed a LOT! Very mature theme, plenty of sex, and very funny!
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The Big Wedding

By CT_Buff
Written June 28, 2016
All too predictable wedding movie. Relies very much on mediocre slap stick. A waste of extraordinary talent. Best part of movie is it's only 90 minutes. Alright to watch on cable but, don't waste your money.
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I would see it again

By Aljoenette
Written January 27, 2015
The movie was predicatable once you get past the future girlfriend and the ex wife and the relationship that the daugther had with the father. There was definatley some funny parts, but with that amazing cast I did think that it would be better. Robin Williams one of my all time favories did not have a big enough part to make it over the top funny. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 7.
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Muddy wedding

By jolgacr
Written February 11, 2016
Boy, could they get any further down in the mud in this movie? The mother sleeps with the father-in-law, the mother-in-law does the mother and the step-mother? The "brother" sleeps with his "sister." Not a great movie, and no sex scenes for those who like this sort of thing
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Big screen cowboy

By big_screen_cowboy
Written February 01, 2015
This was a total waste of time and money. One and a half hours of dysfunction that really NOBODY acts like totally.(and if they do our people are in poorer shape that I thought) No real redeeming value to the end either even though there are some AWWWW moments.
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