By MBon
Written September 03, 2010
I'm really glad I went to go see this movie. Although isn't seamless, it contains a really powerful and important message that needs to be heard.
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the big uneasy

By levitate10
Written August 31, 2010
Good expose on the ineptitude of the Corps of Engineers and its politicization by Congress (beware the Corps they're everywhere and you too can be the victim of poor engineering and boondoggles). What may be frightening is that even with Democrats dominant in the two houses and the White House there doesn't seem to be any indication of change or reexamination of how the Corps operates. Up next Katrina II. It would have helped if there were more sources willing to be interviewed for this movie. John Goodman's a great character actor but I thought that the segments on what a select group of New Orleans residents thought was -well-limited. Good work Mr. Shearer.
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