The Big Four: Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer Synopsis
Four heavy-metal bands perform at the Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Five Word Review

By hngoldsm
SLAYER ROCKS!!!! Anthrax Metallica Megadeath...

Five Word Review

By tallicachick23
awesome entertainment for the family...

Rocked with the Big Four!

By Eddie5150
This was a really cool thing to see, especially being it was from overseas. My only real issue was that Dave Mustaine from Megadeth seemed to be singing falsetto on a lot of the songs, maybe it was a...

Big 4

By darby01
I thought it was absolutely awesome! I felt the same energy in the theater as I would if I were at the actual venue! I cannot wait for them to bring the tour to the states...

The Big Four

By jwadams
All in all it was a very good show. The people who would have liked it would were those who liked old-school metal since that was most of the songs the bands played. If you liked the respective...

whats that noise

By odin2823
the show was good Anthrax Slayer Megadeth kicked butt Metallica ifffy sound was horrible...too much treble and waaay too loud...

The Big Four Rock ON

By gmbassin
My teen son and his friends loved the show. Best ever!...

Metallica was great everyone else so-so

By The_Maxx
It was great to see Anthrax open and I believe also the original line-up.They actually looked the best out of the first three performances. Next came Megadeth and their sound was kinda crappy for...

The Big Four sucked

By zombie01
What a complete waste of time this was. The video feed was jacked so bad that not even one entire song played through. We only made it through the first sing from Anthrax before we (and 8 of our...


By barney430
BEST THING I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!!!!!!! I'm so glad I went to see this!!! THRASH METAL FOR LIFE!!!!! \m/(>.<)\m/...

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