The Big Fix is in and it's not good!

By BillBrinnier
Written December 05, 2011
Really enjoyed this documentary. Well filmed, well written, well received. Came away feeling empowered to spread the word and do the work to get mankind back in the good graces of the planet we inhabit. If we fail at this, we fail at everything. Peak Oil and Climate Change are the ONLY things all governments of the world should be working on right now. Everything else is just fluff.
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Better than "Inside Job"

By onasphere
Written December 04, 2011
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig, owned by BP, sunk on Earth Day 2010. We watched the oil gush out of the pipe thousands of feet below the surface for months, and watched BP try to squirm their way out of responsibility for the worst oil spill in US history. But then all the oil went away, and everything is wonderful again. Right? Wrong! This film shows what happened when the media went home, and what's still happening there now. The most amazing team of oil policy experts and government officials ever assembled for a documentary, along with some entirely likeable Louisiana residents whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed, tell the whole story. The well is still leaking, access is still limited, and the gulf is still dying. This is one of the better investigative documentaries I have ever seen. You'll learn so much that you had no way of knowing based on what the media was telling us.
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The Big Fix

By safari guide
Written November 13, 2011
I vital inconvienent TRUTH! Beautifully presented with a wealth of information. The establishment elite will try to snuff this out, DON'T LET THEM! GO! GO! GO!
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Must see, beautiful, profound documentary with serious global impact. Please see it at least once!

By ninjitalia
Written November 13, 2011
Saw it yesterday and I'm going to see it again today. "History has shown us that great change can take place when people realize the power they possess and unite to take a stand." "Are we willing to give up what we think is beautiful bc da#@ it we've got to get that #OIL!!?" #TheBigFix, a must see docu by #JoshuaTickell
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By smaiken
Written November 13, 2011
It is very disturbing that oil from the BP disaster is still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico and the company has covered it up by spraying the hightly toxic Corexit to sink it to the bottom and disperse it. Scientist Ed Overton found a chemical signature to newly polluting oil in the Gulf, although the movie was completed before this happened a couple months ago. WHERE IS THE MEDIA....Contaminated seafood is being eaten, thousands poisoned, etc. Cannes film festival gave it an official selection, the only documentary, yet the movie has not recieved much help in distribution....big surprise.
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