The Big Fix Synopsis
The impact of the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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New Orleans Times-Picayune

By Mike Scott
Along the way, a raft of experts are featured -- including Times-Picayune outdoor editor Bob Marshall -- speaking bluntly about the cozy...
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Los Angeles Times

The Big Fix presents a compelling array of damning testimony from EPA officials, journalists, scientists and politicians as well as...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
A gloomy but perhaps realistic depiction of the forces of corruption and deceit that produce environmental catastrophes.
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Time Out New York

It's more a summarizing project than an act of investigative journalism or a revelatory indictment.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Though the Tickells' unabashedly partial, first-person approach is a liability, they present so much damning evidence that their case is -...
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Village Voice

By Ernest Hardy
The film's scope is staggering, including its detailed outlining of BP's origins and fingerprints across decades of unrest in Iran.
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
The film's most upsetting scenes are its interviews with residents whose livelihood has been decimated and whose health has been...
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By Rob Nelson
Alternately gutsy and preachy, specific and scattered, the righteously angry pic risks alienating those who could be galvanized by its...
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Slant Magazine

By Nick Schager
The Tickells' style is a predictable grab bag of interviews with outraged experts and journalists, TV news footage, and scenes in which the...
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The Big Fix is in and it's not good!

By BillBrinnier
Really enjoyed this documentary. Well filmed, well written, well received. Came away feeling empowered to spread the word and do the work to get mankind back in the good graces of the planet we...

The Big Fix

By bigfix
This film is a must see!!! Americans will be blown away by the massive cover up by BP Oil company and top political leaders. The spill continues and the toxic spray used to disperse the oil to within...

This is an absolute Must-See.

By JohnKBates
It is well done, very engaging and crucially important for you to see. If you eat seafood, if you eat chicken, if you care, you must doubly see it....

Better than "Inside Job"

By onasphere
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig, owned by BP, sunk on Earth Day 2010. We watched the oil gush out of the pipe thousands of feet below the surface for months, and watched BP try to squirm their way out...

The Big Fix

By safari guide
I vital inconvienent TRUTH! Beautifully presented with a wealth of information. The establishment elite will try to snuff this out, DON'T LET THEM! GO! GO! GO!...

Must see, beautiful, profound documentary with serious global impact. Please see it at least once!

By ninjitalia
Saw it yesterday and I'm going to see it again today. "History has shown us that great change can take place when people realize the power they possess and unite to take a stand." "Are we willing...


By smaiken
It is very disturbing that oil from the BP disaster is still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico and the company has covered it up by spraying the hightly toxic Corexit to sink it to the bottom and...

Powerful film!!

By SylvieRo
Not only does the film expose all of BP's and the government's cover ups (like the fact that oil is still leaking in the Gulf of Mexico!!), but also, it's an amazingly engaging story. Don't miss it....

Eye Opening Documentary

By mdemaree
Never before did I realize what exactly went down with the BP oil spill of 2010 - until watching this movie. This film gives you an up close and personal encounter with the 2010 BP Oil Spill...

Best Movie of the year!

By ryan demaree
This will open your eyes, and change your heart. The scathing documentary "The Big Fix" investigates questions of corporate negligence and political corruption surrounding last year's Deepwater...