I always enjoy RiffTrax Live!!

By meddymo
Written September 28, 2016
The guys at RiffTrax did it again, and this time with a movie that is almost without doubt the WORST movie EVER! The story is confusing and plodding, the acting is non-existent, the "special effects" are hysterically laughable (even for 1959), and a major cast member who dies halfway through production is not-so-subtely replaced by some random guy who must walk through all his scenes with a cape held over his face. No matter, though. All that serves to provide endless fodder for Mike, Bill, and Kevin to crack wise about! I laughed myself breathless more than once. Thanks, guys! Can't wait for the next RiffTrax Live!!
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It was the worse of times, it was the best of times!

By Moviebuff58SC
Written September 28, 2016
Definitely one of the worse movies ever made but the the RiffTrax guys kept me laughing. So glad we went. Love seeing the guys on the big screen. Not sure where Ed Woods' head was when writing this story. much less directing the movie!
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LITERALLY fell out of my seat laughing.

By powe0186
Written March 27, 2017
Worst movie ever made! Perfect for riffing. The MST3K guys are so funny. They make bad movies far more fun than good movies. Even if you never watched MST3k, you will love this!
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Plan 9 gets a 10!!

By sean.mahan13
Written January 17, 2017
The Rifftrax trio had their jobs cut out for them on this one. How to you take a movie that is so gob-smackingly bad, that is so full of static, disjointed, and totally cheap scenes that it is already hilarious on its own? Fortunately the guys pulled it off, so well that I was laughing to the point of tears several times. The movie short "Airline Stewardesses" preceded it, which presented another chance for them to mock the dry-as-sheetrock info film from the 1950s. The only drawback was the intermission, which included some unwashed looking dude I'd never heard of but who apparently had a following in the live theater, considering there were quite a few ladies singing along with his obscure music. Maybe it's a Nashville thing. Still, nothing could detract from the joyous pain of watching Bela, Tor, and Vampira while having the Rifftrax crew tear it apart.
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Plan 9 From Outer Space

By Mstmoviefan
Written June 25, 2016
Went to the Rifftrax movie last night in Dallas and loved it. Really good stuff. Can't wait till the next one. However, the music entertainment can be dropped.
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