Everyone is a victom

By Renner95634
Written July 27, 2014
I may be over thinking this movie but it seems to me this was just a modern commentary on how so many people take advantage of one another and then blame the victim for allowing themselves to be victimized. Unfortunately we all now live in a buyer beware world whether you're buying artwork or Love.
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The Worst Offer

By kidwicked16
Written August 12, 2014
I was really exited to see Geoffrey Rush in a may/december romance. However after watching it to the end I was very disjointed with how it ended. Since Geoffrey Rush is an amazeing actor and it was for his preformance and acting ablities in the film that I gave it two stars instead of one. However I do not discourage Geoffery Rush fans from seeing this. [Spoilers: Just be prepared for him not to get the girl in the end.]
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