The Best Offer Synopsis
An eccentric art auctioneer becomes obsessed with an heiress.

Movie Reviews

Everyone is a victom

By Renner95634
I may be over thinking this movie but it seems to me this was just a modern commentary on how so many people take advantage of one another and then blame the victim for allowing themselves to be...

The Worst Offer

By kidwicked16
I was really exited to see Geoffrey Rush in a may/december romance. However after watching it to the end I was very disjointed with how it ended. Since Geoffrey Rush is an amazeing actor and it was...


By beachpup56
Five stars all the way. It is reminiscent of "The Game," in which only the protagonist is unaware of the "movie" he is in. But more beautiful and alluring than The Game. Geoffrey Rush is superb. As...

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Rated R | For Some Sexuality and Graphic Nudity