À masterpiece

By pascami
Written May 08, 2012
A marvel, a jewel, a pure moment of emotion, fun, humanity, with an amazing cast.. A masterpiece not to be missed...such a relief to see that there are still movies of this level, and not only Avengers and other rotten titans..
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Great characters

By nancyfurm
Written May 06, 2012
Movie wasn't what I expected. It was better. Good characters that got better as movie progressed. even though endings were predictable I still enjoyed the journey. And Maggie smith and Judy dench were wonderful to see as usual.
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Very good movie!!

By hilary1159
Written May 20, 2012
I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I laughed, cried and felt for the characters because you got to know them. EXCELLENT!!!
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Warm and Thoroughly Entertaining.

By Alon Patterson
Written May 12, 2012
Take a trip to India without leaving home, or the theater at least. Set against a sweeping backdrop of culture and population, this film is a solid winner. The players do a superb job in bringing substance to their individual characters and the screenplay is just rich enough to take advantage of their talents. This is a genuinely good movie, no other way to describe it. If you're looking for a good story and a virtual feast for the eyes, look no further. See this movie. It's worth its ticket price. You won't be disappointed.
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Good entertainment

By amonroe999
Written May 21, 2012
I found the film a light & entertaining portrayal of some serious subjects, making my evening a very pleasant & enjoyable one. A host of great actors & actresses giving credible performances. I recommend this film to all.
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