for the over 60s

By pearl313
Written April 28, 2017
Absolutely beautiful movie. However, it would make no sense for someone under 65 to review it (or maybe even see It) because they would have no understanding of it. Loved it.
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Great movie

By MotherNan
Written May 31, 2016
We really enjoyed the movie. It was funny, and sad and heartwarming and sometimes bittersweet. The characters were real - the kind that you can root for or feel sorry for or hope will change. It was interesting to see the transformations that took place through the various characters and circumstances. I enjoyed visiting India through the movie - reminded me some of the middle east. It is a movie that will appeal strongly to a more mature audience since it lacks the 'action' and 'chase scenes' that seem to dominate many movies today.
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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

By appleorchard
Written January 17, 2017
Terrific ensemble cast. and touching portrayal of courage, plunk, endurance, and pleasures of beginning again when issues of age, money, loss, and regret seem to make it impossible. Also nice glimpse into the chaos and wonders of India. All combined, a very nice movie with balance of sweetness and credibility.
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By JTeti2
Written October 21, 2016
Anyone over the age of 50 will enjoy this movie. Set in India, it hides the extreme poverty and the true "untouchable" lower cast even in today's India, so there is nothing objectionable in the movie..
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A true treat.

By HoodCritic1
Written February 28, 2017
I may not be the correct target demographic for this particular movie, but I did enjoy it immensely. I thought the cast brought a breath of life into each of their roles that gave the audience the appropriate impression to fall in love with. Judi Dench, Tom Wilkenson, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith and Dev Patel were impeccable. The best thing about this movie is definitely the rich and sharp screenplay. I couldn't help but be impressed with how savvy the writing for this movie was. John Madden did a crack up job in the director's chair. This movie was a portrait of self-discovery for aged spirits in a completely exotic environment and I think this movie is very underrated. Everyone should see it.
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