The Bay Synopsis
Mutant, waterborne parasites infest the residents of a seaside Maryland community.
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Please take heed! Either

By MovieFanAddict74
If you see this film, you will be more than grossed out. It will kill your like of seafood, will have you drinking purified water for days, and generally keep you away from the beach, lakes, bays,...

surprisingly good!

By ty.mann88
I expected this movie to be so-so like the fan reviews rating said but I was shocked how interesting the movie was. I didn't want to get up for a second in fear of missing something...........

The Sheriff's Deputy is awesome!!!!

By rewismorris
The guy who plays the sheriff's deputy loading the ambulance needs to be added to the Expendables cast...

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By Twhite92
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great horror movie

By ghstcop79
I heard that this movie was made by the people behind Insidious, Sinister, and the Paranormal Activity movies. Having seen the groups Halloween releases I have to say this was my favorite. Though it...

Decent flick

By joshsatx80
Interesting more than scary...

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Rated R | For Bloody Images, Language and Disturbing Violent Content
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Fake docu about disturbingly believable gory disaster.
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