Suspenseful sleeper

By becmckee
Written March 14, 2008
The fact that this movie was based upon an actual bank robbery drew me to see the film. But I'm recommending it for its clever style and quick pace. There is an element of the haves vs. the have-nots, and what happens when someone in each of those groups crosses to the other side. The film shows that as one secret leads to another and another, then things can come crashing down pretty hard. I liked these British actors very much -- thought they were very true to character. The ONLY annoyance was that I had to listen very intently to the British speak to get all the nuisances of the dialog, and I'm sure I missed some. Good action film -- worth the money!
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It's a Job figuring out all the plot details.

By suemarie
Written April 10, 2008
The movie was O.K. Jason Statham is a real star, sexy with that likeability factor no matter what kind of character he plays. The bank robbery is a minor part of the movie. The real plot of the movie is the stories of the people that would be impacted if the contents of their safe deposit boxes get exposed. Those stories are complex and a little confusing. If you like complicated, interweaving plot twists and turns you will like this. There is some nudity and a little violence.
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Well thought-out action

By ChasEdits
Written March 08, 2008
A political activist/common criminal achieves immunity through blackmail. But the British government learns where he keeps the photographs. Using back channels, they con a group of thieves to rob the bank. The agreement is that they keep everything except the contents of box 118. However, things get complicated when the thieves find more than anyone had anti****ted. The script is clear, well written, and well acted. The R rating is appropriate, but the blood and gore is mostly off-screen, suggested in a Hitch**** manner. The characters are believable and the time flies. Good flick
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Written April 06, 2008
My first review. As someone who sees 24 or more movies a year I want to first say that I think Critics are out of touch with moviegoers. Yes, they give their opinion but what the overwhelming don't do is tell you who will enjoy a movie. The Bank Job is well written, well acted and well paced. Characters are nicely developed and the movie just continues a nice flow from start to finish. Based on a real life events back in the early 70's in London. I wouldn't say this movie is geared toward teenagers but I can certainly see them enjoying this movie if they go. For the casual movie goer over 21 and especially for movie buffs over 21 who go often, this is one of those "sure" picks guaranteed to entertain. The most well known actor in the movie, Jason Statham, (known for his action movies) provides another solid performance. So if you're having a minor struggle deciding on which movie to choose, let me choose this one for you. Rated GE Guaranteed Entertainment
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One of better movie of the year.

By heechy77
Written March 16, 2008
I thought the movie, The Bank Job, was very good. There were lots of twists and turns that made this story very interesting. I would say that this is equivalent to Ocean's 11 when it first came out but not as funny. I would say that if you're with your friends and have nothing to do, this is something that's worth while. Enjoy... =)
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