Beautifully Understated.

By josephshipp
Written April 01, 2008
This movie will not appeal to the typical Fandango user. It's a foreign film, so keep that in mind. However, if foreign films are your forte this is one you should not miss. "The Band's Visit" has moments of Wes Anderson-ish epic cinematic beauty, awkwardness and humor, while soft undertones of the sober reality a Noah Baumbach film set its pace. During the 24 hour period between the band being dropped off at the airport to their performance the following day a lot and nothing at all happens simultaneously. What happens is subtle yet strong character development in a town of overwhelming emptiness. The emptiness often swells to the point of uncomfortableness, but it's the quietness of this film that one can find its treasures. Like most foreign films, it's hard for an outsider like an American to fully understand the full dynamics and complexities of the story. "The Band's Visit" is no exception. Though we try, we'll never fully get this such a film.
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The Band's Visit

By ArtieB
Written April 07, 2008
I expected a simple comedy. Instead, it was a beautiful portrayal of hospitality and empathy in potentially difficult cir***stances.
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Very good comedy

By crgv
Written March 11, 2008
This movie is about a band from Egypt, the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra that visits Israel. The band ends up in the middle of the Israeli desert, after taking a bus to the wrong destination. it is a very good comedy showing people from two cultures as ordinary people with hopes and disappointments, and most of all, it is a film about the loneliness that surrounds all of us.
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i liked it

By glxy2
Written October 27, 2008
i loved it a tad slow
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The Band's Visit

By stan4dprincess
Written April 01, 2008
This was a very sweet film about two very different cultures and individuals stuck in teh middle of nowhere and therfore forced to find some commonality. The humor is very subtle but the acting is great!
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