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Fun, Tarantino-esque

By forbesterence
Written March 06, 2014
It was pretty good, reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino movie with John Cusack instead of Travolta. Thought he was really believable as Jack, the bag man who gets in over his head and has to change the rules and turn the game around. Robert De Niro was great as usual, this part was totally in his wheelhouse, playing the eccentric crime boss. Oh and Rebecca Da Costa was smoking hot! But seriously, she’s also a really good actress and I could see her becoming a really big star after this. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s hot. Maybe not an instant classic, but I’d probably recommend “The Bag Man” to friends.
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Loved it!

By theangelicarosales
Written March 03, 2014
Loved it! Classic De Niro role as the gangster boss who quotes his college thesis. Loved seeing Jon Cusack as the “Bag Man”, reminded me of when he did Gross Point Blank, but more of a serious take on the part. Why doesn’t he play tough guys more often I wonder? He was really convincing in this part and it was a nice change from the kind of light comedy roles he always seems to play. Anyway, great movie, lots of fun to watch and loved all the bizarre characters who inhabit this little motel. It is a bit dark, in terms of the lighting, but that kind of added to the modern day film noir vibe so it was okay by me.
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The Bag Man - Modern Day Noir

By alexbaker
Written March 02, 2014
The Bag Man is a modern day film noir crime story which is a great showcase for John Cusack as “Jack” the bagman, assigned to look after a mysterious leather satchel while hiding out at a seedy motel. Robert De Niro plays his crime boss and looks interesting with a silver pompadour, a la Paulie from the Sopranos. The movie is definitely more sophisticated than a generic crime thriller with De Niro’s character quoting Herman Hesse and Sun Tzu. The motel Cusack hides out in is also filled with odd characters like the desk clerk played by Crispin Glover, a Serbian dwarf and a pimp with an eye patch. The tension of not knowing what’s in the bag works very well and there’s also lots of good action. All in all, The Bag Man was a pretty enjoyable ride and had an offbeat sensibility that reminded me of the Coen brothers.
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The Bag Man

By misterbanderson
Written March 01, 2014
Great movie. lots of dark humor . De Niro and Cussack were great as expected but the new girl Da Costa was great. What a find
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