The Awakening Synopsis
A post-WWI ghost hunter (Rebecca Hall) investigates a haunting at a boys boarding school.
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New York Post

The self-possessed Hall is well-suited to this proto-feminist role, smoking and rolling her eyes as the pasty old men around her exclaim,...
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Wall Street Journal

By John Anderson
The film benefits enormously from having the luminous Rebecca Hall as its lead. It also gains an ominous gravity from the haunted, wounded...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
A too-rare instance in which a gifted young actor signs on for a fright flick without coming away tainted, The Awakening places Rebecca...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Not to be confused with a dramatization of Kate Chopin's great 1899 proto-feminist novel, this by-the-numbers British ghost story, set just...
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

There is a rich movie to be made about this culture of fake seers and gullible marks, but it isn't The Awakening, a dull British import...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The handsome production design notwithstanding, The Awakening is not an elegant thriller. It's more like solemn drivel.
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San Francisco Chronicle

Perhaps this is a film that needs to be seen several times to fully understand the last 20 minutes. But in my book, that's not what a great...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
This stately chiller owes a lot to 1960s British flicks like "The Innocents" and "The Haunting," but unfortunately heads towards cliches...
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Washington Post

The Awakening is nonsense, but with its posh British cast and colors drained to near-gray, it's very solemn nonsense.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
The Awakening looks great but never develops a plot with enough clarity to engage us, and the solution to the mystery is I am afraid...
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A great psychological, even spiritual study

By mrmac296
The horror in this film is fear, not necessarily of spirits, but most certainly of death and how to deal with it, understand its meaning, or simply how to accept it in relation to life. The acting is...

Interesting and Suspenseful

By tombyrom
Rebecca Hall is a fine actress, and she is great in this movie. It's dark and suspenseful, but with a lot of class as one would expect from the BBC. Definitely not boring. The ending is a bit...

Such Potential to be Great

By jesus102b
The Awakening was set up to be a great horror and suspenseful film, but it came up short when it humanized the ghosts within the film. The ghost started out as horrifying and frightful, then it was...


By Sandy918
This movie reminded me of the Orphanage. I did like some of the scary moments, but overall, a movie I could have waited to see on DVD....


By dslasor
I enjoyed the storyline and the movie was suspensful. Several times i was on the edge of my seat and was surprised by the next turn. It was a refreshing twist to the storyline....

Terrific Psychological Thriller

By Mr Chips 8
Terrific film. A psychological thriller....

Good Thrillee

By kevinreeg
My wife and I enjoyed it. Worth the price of admission....

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By malloryvalverde
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By SnarfSnarf86
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Awesome Thriller!

By Jlhatcher
Haven't seen one this good since The Others. The twists and turns were amazing. This movie keeps you on your toes....

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Rated R | For Some Violence and Sexuality/Nudity