The Audition

By kirom
Written April 29, 2009
My wife and are Documentary enthusiasts. We particularly enjoy docs where there is suspense re: the outcome of a competition. This one was superbly produced and directed, and contained humor, great performances, and profound pathos. I would gladly return annually for a similar show. One small criticism, however. Apparently the entire (capacity) audience was not aware that there would be a valuable discussion among the three Met luminaqries following the credits. More than half the crowd filed out while the credits were running, and missed some critical comments. A heads-up to the opera-lovers prior to the program could have avoided this.
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The Audition

By leealyce
Written April 27, 2009
Extremely well done. The audiendce could really get involved and we felt the tension of the competition.
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Think you don't like opera? think again.

By funny_anita
Written April 27, 2009
I saw this movie with my "documentary buddy" who'll see any documentary with me, no matter the subject. She admitted to me that she'd never seen an opera because she "couldn't stand the screeching." At the end, she felt ready for a night at the opera. A close-up view of these young singers gives you a deep appreciation of their vocal talents and the peek behind the Met's curtain reveals brilliant, deeply invested coaching and artistic staff. A note: I was not at all prepared for the heartbreaking epilogue.
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The Audition

By tperna
Written April 29, 2009
Absolutely Marvelous!! We are looking at the stars of tomorrow.
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By Valdrin
Written May 03, 2009
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