The Attack Synopsis
A suicide bombing reveals the dark truth about the wife of a Palestinian surgeon.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Stephen Farber
Although the subject matter is inherently disturbing, it’s hard to imagine any audience remaining unmoved by this mournful tale.
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By Eric Kohn
The conflict in The Attack is less about the reasoning behind immoral behavior than the problems involved in any cursory understanding of...
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The Playlist

By Jessica Kiang
On both a political and a personal level, the film is pessimistic, yes, but it feels truthful, and never lapses into easy cynicism.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
Remarkably accomplished and self-confident. In dramatic terms The Attack borrows a page from Alfred Hitchcock's playbook — an innocent in a...
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Village Voice

By Alan Scherstuhl
The Attack is most avowedly "about" terrorism. But that's a subject, not the subject. The film, an arresting and upsetting one, is also...
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The best kind of anti-war propaganda film, calm in feeling and mood, yet truly terrifying in showing the scourge of our age: terrorism,...
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
Doueiri has brilliantly and simply put a compassionate human face on a part of the world where ethnicity still trumps education, class and...
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By Mark Jenkins
One thing Doueiri didn't get from Tarantino is smirky attitude; The Attack is sad and resigned, but also tender.
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The New York Times

By Manohla Dargis
Mr. Doueiri creates characters, emotional colors and political contradictions that have the agonized sting and breathe of life.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bill Stamets
The Attack is not just about an incident targeting Israelis. This is also the story of not knowing Palestinians.
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Powerful, great actors

By elharimmounir
This was one of those movies I went to see just to take a break from work, and I was not expecting to be as moved as I was. Ali Suliman was especially good, but so were several of the supporting...

The ATtack

By cathyweiss
So incredibly real its frightening. But so well done and so beautifully told, this is a story we all need to see. How there exists the hate for America alongside Palestinians who only want good for...


By sanron12
We found The Attack interesting, but definitely would not say that it's a "must see." Despite all the deaths we didn't shed a tear. And the story didn't shed any new light on Israeli/Palestinian...

The Attack....mmm

By randallk5
Very relevant to what is happening in the Mid-East . It is a realistic love story that turns very disturbing. This is on the world news every day in Israel / Middle eastern bloc. Filmation was...

Challenging and Absorbing

By knnthfrry
The most gripping movie I've seen in years. Haven't seen an exploration of this viewpoint in any other movie or story....

The Attack

By vivre26
This confirms the realization that peace between the Palestinian's and Jews is a dream...too much history of hate and suspicion....


By j2-cincity
A well-constructed, shocking yet believable and clever plot that depicts yet another angle in the endless Israel-Palestine conundrum. Feels and looks very real and tense. A really good film....

Truly moving portrait of shattered family

By The_Separator
Women make the best suicide bombers. If kill children even better. The Attack, a film by Ziad Doueiri, deals with such bombings. The Attack gives away all its plot secrets in the first act. Climax...

The Attack

By andreavaleria
I thought the movie, the pace, the editing, the acting, the scenario, the plot and all the rest was absolutely fantastic. It should be a must see all over... I am very glad I weathered the weather...

The Complexities of the Conflict

By vicvicbiz
The Attack is suspenseful, absorbing, emotional and beautifully-acted and filmed. More importantly, it shows some of the human tragedy and complexities of the conflict and portrays different points...

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