How Corny can a movie get!

By debrac
Written March 06, 2007
I couln't believe my husband chose this movie. We usually see well written, well directed, thought provoking movies....what a mistake. I teased him for days.
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Astronaut Farmer encourages dreamers

By tamarasommers
Written March 06, 2007
Astronaut Farmer—The movie is a story for dreamers and creative individuals. It is an encouraging story for young and mature minds on several levels. It demonstrates victory against the most incredible odds. The characters include a bright teenager who is able to think, articulate, and act with responsibility to achieve what others only believe is only with advanced education. A father who not only believes he is capable of achieving his dream, but realizes he has no option but to press on—to complete his mission, so that his children will be empowered, against all odds, to believe in themselves and their abilities. Moreover, it is a story for adults to know that dreams can come true. It was a motivating and demonstrated that even seemingly insurmountable obstacles can turn out to be only smoke screens; with perseverance and fortitude dreams can be realized.
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Astronaut Farmer

By Lady Bells
Written March 20, 2007
This is a wholesome family movie... It has some realistic items pertaining to everyday life, but it is a movie about hopes and dreams... Everyone must have hope and everyone must have dreams.. Without them what is the point? Billy Bob Thornton did an excellent job portraying a husband, father and one with a dream he wouldn't let die... It is about a family pulling together under adversity...
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Loved it!

By jburkezz
Written March 10, 2007
This is a great family movie and quite entertaining. It's nice to see that Billy Bob Thornton can make movies without lots of profanity also. I really enjoyed it.
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The Astronaut Farmer

By jan angel
Written March 01, 2007
Great Family Movie!! I wish more movies like this would be made for us decent people who want to go to the movies with their families and enjoy it, instead of being embarrassed when the nudity, sex and profanity are thrown at you out of the blue ( in some cases). The movie rating system stinks !! Most movies nowadays have content that doesn't go with the rating it was given ! The PG13's sometimes are too much for that age group. This movie was great !! It kept us wondering the whole time, what was going to happen. I didn't even want to finish my popcorn !!I just wanted concentrate on what Billie Bob Thornton (Mr. Farmer) was going to do ? Definately a great ending, of course this space ship really couldn't happen in REAL LIFE but, it's shows how fun it is to dream and how much family can love one another. and support each other...also, it made me look twice at Billie Bob as an actor...he's really convincing !!
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