By rawvibes
Written December 14, 2010
They are film students who have a dream to make their own production film. 3 Years later they find themselves as assistants to some of the people who run Hollywood. One night they made a mark-up script as a joke, but the joke turns out to be an opportunity for them to make their dream into a reality. The journey of dreams takes a twist when they realize that they would have to resort to tricks of the trade from the last 3 years as Hollywood Assistant to get their movie off the ground and off the shelf. Actors: Joe Mantegna - Stacy Keach - Jane Seymour. I would say THE OC type of a movie. Same style and pace like the TV Show. A little long for what it was. I know allot of film students go this route even into pr but if you build a car and never driver it whose fault is that. In the end of the film all worked out for the characters. But I think it would have made a Great TV special than a Feature Length Film. Soft 3 stars out of 5
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By ring_of_fire_10
Written December 04, 2010
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