The assassination of a good movie by director Andrew Dominik

Written January 21, 2008
VERY SLOW moving, the couple next to us walked out. Pitt is a pro but has too little to work with. I found myself looking around to see if anyone else was tapping their foot or fidgeting in their seat. Could of,would of, should of, been so much more.
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altman meets tarkovsky meets burns

By filmbuff60
Written November 30, 2007
The realism of the character portrayal reminds me of a Robert Altman movie. The languid pacing reminds me of an Andrei Tarkovsky movie. The narration reminds me of a Ken Burns project. Casey Affleck should get an oscar nomination; he conveys so much emotion and uncertainty with his eyes at first but he changes as the action proceeds: a subtle performance. This title should get snapped up by Criterion, as this is a film that deserves repeated viewing. Just wish I had not ordered the medium drink, it got rather painful by the end, perhaps making the narration based action drag even more. The fact that I did not dash out early attests to the power of the production.
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Don't expect a shoot 'em up

By GaryE1
Written October 04, 2007
I think that many of the people who didn't like this film were probably going expecting a western shoot 'em up ala 3:10 to Yuma. If that's your taste, then go see Yuma and skip this one. If, on the otherhand, you are looking for a poignant and thoughtful drama (never mind that it's a western) then this is the mivie for you. It's not that the movie doesn't have some violence (it does), but that ehre the gun play is not the important point. It's the character's emotional lives and society's reaction to them that is. A rich and interesting film this is; an action packed shoot 'em up it is not.
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A masterpiece

By lisaloveslinkinpark
Written July 25, 2014
This movie is a modern masterpiece. Every aspect of this film was flawless. The first point I must talk about is the amazing acting that single-handedly makes this film so memorable. Casey Affleck's portrayal of the "coward" Robert Ford is a performance that will be remembered for years. He plays a character that audiences have been waiting to see for years. He is amazing. He puts his heart and soul into every single one of his lines and it shows. His acting alone should be reason enough to see this film, however, every aspect of the film is great. Jesse James is easily Brad Pitt's best performance ever and it's a shame that he's not getting more recognition from American critics. The score of the film, by Nick Caves, is hauntingly beautiful. The music for every scene is gorgeous and really fits what's going on in the character's minds. The cinematography is revelatory; the whole film looks like an old picture. Best film of 2007.
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A hauntingly beautiful film exploring the nature of celebrity and the mass media in American history

By rickjw
Written October 18, 2007
Andrew Dominik’s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, is a deliberately paced, stunningly visualized, and emotionally charged exploration of the early development of mass media celebrity in America. The film riveted my attention for two hours and 40 minutes, and has remained on my mind for several days after my viewing. Although centered on one of the iconic legends of the Old West, it is far beyond an updated reincarnation of the Western. It is an epic allegory about the development of the American cult of celebrity and the effects of this obsession on the individuals caught in its web. Roger Deakins surpasses his best work and pulls out all the stops here—intricately orchestrated changes in focus, dazzling use of light sources, careful manipulations of time, powerfully significant fade-ins and fade-outs, and shots through rain, snow, and rippled old glass—
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