The Assassin (2015) Synopsis
The film is set during the mighty Tang Dynasty-period in Chinese history. Nie Yinniang returns to family after several years in exile. The mission of her order is to eliminate the tyrany of the Governors who avoid the authority of the Emperor.
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Movie Reviews


By Michelle Wilson
Though this movie isn't what the western audience is used to, I enjoyed it immensely!! The moments in between all the drama were beautiful yet filled with such emotion. This movie was a nice change...

No action and slow

By lizsweeney477
The movie was very slow with very little dialogue. There was very little action or martial arts in the film despite its title. Many people left during the film. One person found it so exciting that...

Terrible, Slow and Boring

By bobholste
An hour into this movie we gave up and walked out. I guess there's a plot but you don't care. It's really just a photography exhibit (nice costumes), but nothing else, and I mean nothing. No script...


By tysonphan
Boring. Lame story that's hard to follow and comprehend. Only a few minutes of fight scenes. Complete waste of time. Quite possibly the worst movie I've seen this year....

The trailer is a lie! Was slow and borin

By Closeme


By CpyLee
Too slow, did not get most of the director's points. Can I get a refund for watched worst movie of the year....

Really bad and slow waste you

By grojasmore


By taygovia
Didn't understand any of the subplot, or subtext of this awfully slow movie. I kept waiting for a message, a redeeming fight scene, or even some dialogue for goodness sake to help me latch on. But...

Painfully boring

By insanaq
The trailer to The Assassin really pulled me in. But have you ever heard anyone say that "All of the good parts are in the trailer"? It's absolutely true for this film. Nothing else happens in the...

Slow and Boring

By michellemhunt
The trailer was so exciting I couldn't wait to see the movie. So disappointing. I realized half way through the movie that the trailer showed all the great scenes and scenery, in their entirety....