• Released
  • November 25, 2011
  • (*Special re-release on 05/11/12)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 40 min
  • Art House/Foreign

Interesting Idea

By zandrew
Written January 09, 2012
I purposely tried not to read too much about this movie before seeing it. I did hear of the critical acclaim, but wanted to try to see it with an open point of view. I did think it was a delightful movie that kept me engaged---not an easy feat given the subject. It is definitely an interesting/novel idea----I for one didn't realize the reason Valentin was so distraught about the talkies until the end. Worth seeing
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A Wonderful Evening

By olinoid
Written November 27, 2011
One of the best films of the year. Will definitely win some Oscars. Even though there is no talking whatsoever, the music is extraordinary. Really the dog in the film is the star. The Artist was even better than I expected and I did expect high. Every seat was filled. If you love, love, love film, you will at least like very much "The Artist".
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Wonderful film!

By VAmovie_goer
Written December 24, 2011
I really enjoyed the Artist. It had all the elements of a great story, and the black and white, no dialog was unique and worked well.
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Must see: Sparklingly funny and charming. Very entertaining and beautifully made.

By arthurblot
Written December 05, 2011
I was a bit concerned about a silent movie but I had an amazing time. The picture and the music are great, the story and the performance outstanding. This is a MUST SEE !
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The Artist

By valhab
Written December 11, 2011
Absolutely loved it! Went with my 90 year old mom and was just as thrilled as she was. The acting, directing, music, fabulous mix of drama and humor - can't say enough. A real gem for any generation!
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