• Released
  • November 25, 2011
  • (*Special re-release on 05/11/12)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 40 min
  • Art House/Foreign


By irmamoises
Written April 27, 2017
the acting was awesome to say the least, the score was right at target, the story was excellent its a must see film to all that loves art and history, Can be the revelutionary of the silence era. lets bring back all those oldies and put then back on the screen with new score ad new actors i loved it
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The Artist

By Robertsarge
Written April 25, 2017
To be honest, I went to see this film with a friend that insisted on going. I was very reluctant. A SILENT FILM! Was not my idea of a good evening at the movies. Wow, was I wrong. This film was a delightful surprise and I was thoroughly entertained, from start to finish. I highly recommend this film, it was funny, it was sad, and touched all emotions. Great Film!
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Thoroughly wonderful, imaginative, and full of nuance.

Written December 05, 2011
Wonderfully acted, well conceived in its originality and the underlying reflections on how generations deal with change. This is a must see film, for everyone who loves film, who wants to be entertained. The characters present themselves so authentically. The direction is crisp, the story is so creative you are fully caputred and held in your seat. And all this, with only silent movie titles. Not to be missed.
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The Artist

By Mr Film Freak
Written January 07, 2012
I just saw The Artist, a film about fictious movie star GeorgeValentin's rise, fall, and reemergence in 1927 hollywood. Done in beautiful black&white with english intertitles......oh did I mention that it was a silent movie?!? Great acting, great story, top notch score, this movie was bigger and had more meat to it than almost any blockbuster in 2011 you can name and thats without sound! Bound to be a front runner at the Oscars and a must see for any real movie lover! A+
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The Artist

By Jim Q
Written December 15, 2011
A triumph of old-time film making. In luminous black and white and only music to accompany it, a glorious silent film is made again. The technical achievement in capturing not only the authentic look and feel of a classic silent film but also recreating Hollywood of the late 1920’s and early 1030’s is amazing. The story is simple; George Valentin is the biggest star of the silver screen, his good looks and engaging smile make him the greatest film star of his day. But talkies are coming and no one wants to hear his voice. George gives Peppy, an ingénue, her first break and she quickly shines as the new star of the talkies. With his career in tatters, George is in despair when Peppy saves the day and they happily tap dance into the sunset. The thing to watch in this film is the craft in making homage to the artists who created an industry and a genre.
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