Interesting, fascinating at times, but not much new and overlong

By LGruenfeld
Written November 24, 2013
More like a coda on the whole affair than a revelation. As with the JFK assassination, there's not much left to say. All you can do is recap cohesively, add new interviews and supply additional footage, which this film does nicely. The content doesn't warrant a two-hour treatment, which dulls the pacing somewhat. Overall, it has the feeling of a quality, in-depth television special rather than a theatrical release.
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A Tragic Story that Fooled us all (or most of us)!

By MurrietaMovieFan
Written November 26, 2013
I have followed Lance Armstrong through out his career and bought in to his successes and believed him when he said he never took performance enhancing drugs. Now I am so disappointed that it was all a lie. I found the movie fascinating. It's a bit long and if have not followed Lance, you may find the movie boring. However, for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Very interesting documentary

By rogerpollex
Written December 19, 2013
I thought this was a very good documentary. I recommend going to see it. It gives us the somewhat "inside" scoop on what on in Lance's life.
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Defiitely worth it

By matthewsilvey
Written December 07, 2013
If you are a cycling fan, this movie will shed light on the last 20 years of the sport. Excellent filmmaking in this 2 hour expose. Not the Oprah "fluff piece".
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Great Movie

By robdavis259
Written November 15, 2013
This movie was very well made and informative. In a time when everyone was doping I feel by doping as well the playing field was leveled I know it's wrong and illegal but Lance was not the only one as he seems to be by all the media slander. I believe this was all a personal vendetta by a man trying to make a name for him self and better his career. His name is Travis Tygart . He is a petty man
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