A failure, predictable, bad acting. Wait till it is free

By DonKingston
Written February 28, 2017
The horrendous acting by Ashley Greene pretty much wrecks this entire movie. That and the fact that most of the scares you will have seen on other horror movies, it is very copycat feeling. Pervs might get a thrill out of Greene prancing around in full makeup, hair done, and lingerie, but other than that, I dont see ANY group liking this movie for any reason. A couple of mooching kids go to CostCo, ransack their mother's house, she wanders around, they get a psychic. The end. Fail.
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By aw_someness
Written August 25, 2012
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By Lovely_chamona
Written August 25, 2012
Well that movie was not worth it...it was disappointing!!!! DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!
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I swear if this "movie" gets a sequel...

By sosogood313887
Written August 30, 2012
...because the ending kinda left an opening for a sequel. As if, Todd Lincoln. Overdone inclusion of found footage aside, the moment the dialogue began, I thought we'd bought tickets for "Saved By The Bell: The Haunted Halloween". The writing was just awful. Without giving too much away, there's some inexplicable secret-keeping that's not very well justified in the end. Also, there were many moments where the director seemed to be building up to a scare only to completely let the viewer down, kind of like cinematic blue you-know-whats. As for the acting, well, let's just say Ashley Greene better be glad she's hot (although she really shines during scenes where she's pissed off). I don't know what was up with Sebastian Stan's haircut - I know it's not important to the plot, but it will get to you. If you decide to see it, you'll understand. I'm very sorry Tom Felton got caught up in this movie. Also, one spoiler - there is a total "Ju-On" rip in this movie. Eyes were rolled.
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Worst movie I seen in years!

By steven_tran87
Written August 31, 2012
I fell asleep for 15min during the movie. Yes, it was that bad. Couldn't wait til the movie was over
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