a C movie

By mermade92
Written August 27, 2012
I was not really frightened by this movie at all. I was expecting it to be way scarier than the way it turned out. However I did lie seeing Tom Felton and Ashley Green in the movie. Just wish there was more Tom Felton haha. If you still wanna see it, I'd say save ur money and rent it. It was not really worth watching it in the movie theaters.
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By ajsample77
Written August 24, 2012
People save your money! I promise u. U will hate it. I was falling asleep. I thought I would give it chance and now I'm out $7.50 and oh yeah, GAS MONEY! And time I'll never get back. Smash it when it comes out on Redbox.
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Don't watch this movie.TRUST ME!

By hey_suptomovie2thextreme
Written June 28, 2016
Don't believe the hype. There's nothing scary in this movie at all. It's just one of the worst "scary" movies ever. It's just one of the worst movies of all time in general. Good thing I rented it and didn't watch it in theaters. I sacrificed over 85 minutes of my life watching this horrible movie to warn you not to ever watch it. If you don't believe the bad stuff I've said about this film, then go waste 85 minutes of your life watching it. Just believe me on this one. It's just really bad.
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By lstarkillers
Written May 30, 2016
not worth the money, good build up but the end not so much
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The Apparition - Apparently pretty bad

By korhal
Written March 06, 2015
For what it's worth, the movie had a good premise: a bunch of college kids try to recreate a summoning ritual to bring back the ghost of a dead guy, but something goes horribly wrong, and only believing in the ghost makes him real. (SPOILERS) It fails to execute it properly, however, and the only times any "believing" occurred were during the rituals where thoughts were amplified by 400, 4000, and 400000 (really?). The the male lead (Sebastian Stan) was utterly flat and without personality, and the Kristen Stewart look-alike, Ashley Greene, didn't help matters much. Tom Felton brought more to the movie in his right hand than either of the leads did. Hell, even the girl at the beginning of the movie played her part better than most of the rest of the cast. There were a couple of cool scenes, like the door-nailing scene and the part where the furniture merged with the rest of the house, but that was about it. If I had to grade it, I'd give it a C-. Only somewhat entertaining.
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