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A parapsychology experiment gives rise to a malevolent spirit that feeds on a couple's fear.
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'The Apparition' Will Soon Haunt the Bargain Bins

By zacheser
In a summer devoid of horror movies, one would hope that maybe there's ripened fruit for thrillseekers and horror junkies this August. 'The Apparition,' which is one of two high profile horror titles...

True Apparition

By Horrormoviefan74
They had an apparition this movie would be good enough to release at the theatres. This was horrible, bad acting, cheesy dialog..just a bad movie. In four months you will see it at best buy,...

Weird But Not Scary

By pirmimom
Story line was weird and absurd, with no really good foundation. It was not at all what I expected, more like a poor-man's ripoff of the "Paranormal" series. I have to say that the trailer is well...


By Fanofandango
This IS (not "could be" or "is possibly") ..this...IS....the WORST -- STUPIDEST -- DUMBEST -- FALL ASLEEP IN YOUR UNEATEN POPCORN -- PIECE OF SHAT, complete waste of time from my existence movie...


By taylanina147
The main concept of the movie was good, but the ending was horrible. It was mainly for teenagers if you ask me. The acting was good and the camera wasn't one of those shaky films. I honestly think...

worst movie ever basically

By julia_145
Unless you want to spend an hour and a half of your life, and like $11 to see a movie that made absolutely no sense... don't even think of watching this. I feel like I knew more information about the...


By jhs39
Really lousy horror movie reminded me a lot of Pulse. There's nothing scary in the movie except the bad science--they kept talking about using EEG's to trap the entity--an EEG is a machine that...


By XD123
not scary, but entertaining, and its WAAAAAY too short, (the actual movie not counting the credits is only an hour and 12 minutes)...

why not.

By natebump77
from beginning to end, it was short-lived. the acting and the way all horror film genres include a half naked star, couldnt save this movie at all. the start showed a bit of excitement but as the...


By aladary
While I love Ashley Green I hated this film. It was a lil slow to start. The characters were half past retarded, none of the responses made sense to the situation it seemed and the ending made no...

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Rated PG-13 | For Terror/frightening images and some sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Haunted house flick has some scares but lacks story.
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