Boxoffice Magazine

By Sara Maria Vizcarrondo
The soulless-ness of their empty plot of track homes and super-store existence invokes both "Poltergeist" and "Employee of the Month."
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Boston Globe

By Mark Feeney
To those of us in the audience who might be strangers in paranormal precincts, it looks suspiciously like a séance.
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An incomprehensibly garbled, derivative attempt at a horror flick from first-time writer-director Todd Lincoln.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
Lincoln's script has no knack for the pacing of cinematic exorcisms, and the truncated climax he does offer is short on action and scares.
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Village Voice

By Nick Pinkerton
The Apparition is not a great or even good haunted-house movie, but it does have the advantage of a memorable setting.
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The Playlist

By Drew Taylor
A plodding, undercooked, and old-fashioned (not in a good way, either) chiller that will bore you to tears instead of scare you to death.
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Time Out New York

By Ben Kenigsberg
The Apparition turns out to be nothing more than a series of feebly constructed "Boo!" scenes tacked together to achieve (barely) feature length.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Keith Staskiewicz
With more telegraphed scares than Samuel Morse on Halloween, it still might give you a restless night, but only because you fell asleep in the theater.
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Slant Magazine

The story is a worthy one, but the film lacks any daring expressive touches that might have made it, at the very least, noteworthy.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
Come to think of it, it's a lot like the departed shade of a better, longer movie, hovering in tatters before us, vanishing when we blink. When you look into this abyss, it yawns back at you.
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18 out of 100
Overwhelming dislike
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