“THE ANSWER MAN” – Not enough Solutions to a Mild Script = Rating: 7 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Written July 29, 2009
JEFF DANIELS plays Arlen, an arrogant & anti-social writer of a famous book about talking to God. His agent wants him to publicize a special edition-- but, as usual, he’s uncooperative. A back problem leads him to visit a chiropractor, single mom Elizabeth (LAUREN GRAHAM), who he starts to fall for. He becomes really sociable with her 7-year-old overly-protected son Alex (MAX ANTISELL). A sub-plot involves his reluctantly answering questions posed by a young recovering-alcoholic book-seller Kris (well played by LOU TAYLOR PUCCI). The movie meanders in telling how he gradually interacts with the various other characters & slowly becomes more genial in the process. There’s ridiculous continuity / editing errors left in regarding the usage of a record player, and weak developments of potentially-promising / interesting relationships (re Max, Lou with his numerous personal problems, + the very end with Lauren). It’s a generally pleasant, well-acted film, but could have been so much better
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red road

By rhododendrumisaniceflower
Written November 28, 2010
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