The Andrews Sisters
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1915
Birth Place:
Minneapolis, MN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1976 Bob Dylan All You Need Is Love: The Story of Popular Music: Go Down, Moses! (Folk "War Songs")
1976 Leonard Cohen All You Need Is Love: The Story of Popular Music: Go Down, Moses! (Folk "War Songs")
1976 Bing Crosby All You Need Is Love: The Story of Popular Music: Go Down, Moses! (Folk "War Songs")
1957 Sterling Holloway Disneyland: Adventures in Fantasy
1948 Roy Rogers Melody Time
1948 Bobby Driscoll Melody Time
1948 Frances Langford Melody Time
1948 The Sons of the Pioneers Melody Time
1947 Bob Hope Road to Rio
1947 John Miller Road to Rio
1947 Charles B. Middleton Road to Rio
1947 Duke York Road to Rio
1947 Ray Teal Road to Rio
1947 George Sorel Road to Rio
1947 Gale Sondergaard Road to Rio
1947 Tor Johnson Road to Rio
1947 Stanley Andrews Road to Rio
1947 Frank Faylen Road to Rio
1947 Frank S. Hagney Road to Rio
1947 Jerry Colonna Road to Rio
1947 Paul Newlan Road to Rio
1947 Dorothy Lamour Road to Rio
1947 Bing Crosby Road to Rio
1946 Jerry Colonna Make Mine Music
1946 Nelson Eddy Make Mine Music
1946 Dinah Shore Make Mine Music
1946 Sterling Holloway Make Mine Music
1945 Martha O'Driscoll Her Lucky Night
1945 Charles Jordan Her Lucky Night
1945 Charlie Hall Her Lucky Night
1945 Grady Sutton Her Lucky Night
1945 Perc Launders Her Lucky Night
1945 George Barbier Her Lucky Night
1945 Edgar Dearing Her Lucky Night
1945 Buzz Henry Her Lucky Night
1945 Noah Beery, Jr. Her Lucky Night
1944 Gloria Jean Follow the Boys
1944 Cyril Ring Follow the Boys
1944 Grandon Rhodes Follow the Boys
1944 Frank LaRue Follow the Boys
1944 Maria Montez Follow the Boys
1944 George Macready Follow the Boys
1944 Jeanette MacDonald Follow the Boys
1944 George Raft Follow the Boys
1944 Donald O'Connor Follow the Boys
1944 Elizabeth Patterson Follow the Boys
1944 Franklin Parker Follow the Boys
1944 Clarence Muse Follow the Boys
1944 Peggy Ryan Follow the Boys
1944 Martha O'Driscoll Follow the Boys
1944 "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom Follow the Boys
1944 Leyland Hodgson Follow the Boys
1944 Marlene Dietrich Follow the Boys
1944 Andy Devine Follow the Boys
1944 Charles Butterworth Follow the Boys
1944 W.C. Fields Follow the Boys
1944 Charles Grapewin Follow the Boys
1944 Thomas Gomez Follow the Boys
1944 William Forrest Follow the Boys
1944 Richard Crane Follow the Boys
1944 Turhan Bey Follow the Boys
1944 William Benedict Follow the Boys
1944 Thurston Hall Follow the Boys
1944 Steve Brodie Follow the Boys
1944 Louise Allbritton Follow the Boys
1944 Evelyn Ankers Follow the Boys
1944 Stanley Andrews Follow the Boys
1944 Janet Shaw Follow the Boys
1944 Regis Toomey Follow the Boys
1944 Billy Wayne Follow the Boys
1944 Charles King Follow the Boys
1944 Duke York Follow the Boys
1944 Gale Sondergaard Follow the Boys
1944 Randolph Scott Follow the Boys
1944 Dinah Shore Follow the Boys
1944 Orson Welles Follow the Boys
1944 Edwin Stanley Follow the Boys
1944 Joan Crawford Hollywood Canteen
1944 Peter Lorre Hollywood Canteen
1944 Barbara Brown Hollywood Canteen
1944 Barbara Stanwyck Hollywood Canteen
1944 Jack Benny Hollywood Canteen
1944 Joe E. Brown Hollywood Canteen
1944 Ida Lupino Hollywood Canteen
1944 Ray Teal Hollywood Canteen
1944 James Flavin Hollywood Canteen
1944 Faye Emerson Hollywood Canteen
1944 Bette Davis Hollywood Canteen
1944 Mary Gordon Hollywood Canteen
1944 Alan Hale Hollywood Canteen
1944 Donald Woods Hollywood Canteen
1944 Helmut Dantine Hollywood Canteen
1944 Sydney Greenstreet Hollywood Canteen
1944 Eddie Cantor Hollywood Canteen
1944 Paul Henreid Hollywood Canteen
1944 John Garfield Hollywood Canteen
1944 Jane Wyman Hollywood Canteen
1944 Jack Carson Hollywood Canteen
1944 Craig Stevens Hollywood Canteen
1944 Alexis Smith Hollywood Canteen
1944 Robert Shayne Hollywood Canteen
1944 Zachary Scott Hollywood Canteen
1944 Joan Leslie Hollywood Canteen
1944 John Ridgely Hollywood Canteen
1944 Roy Rogers Hollywood Canteen
1944 The Sons of the Pioneers Hollywood Canteen
1944 Richard Erdman Hollywood Canteen
1944 Errol Flynn Hollywood Canteen
1944 Eleanor Parker Hollywood Canteen
1944 Janis Paige Hollywood Canteen
1944 Mark Stevens Hollywood Canteen
1944 Trigger the Horse Hollywood Canteen
1944 Dane Clark Hollywood Canteen
1944 Eddie Marr Hollywood Canteen
1944 Dorothy Malone Hollywood Canteen
1944 Dennis Morgan Hollywood Canteen
1944 S.Z. Sakall Hollywood Canteen
1944 Minerva Urecal Moonlight and Cactus
1944 Leo Carrillo Moonlight and Cactus
1944 Shemp Howard Moonlight and Cactus
1944 Frank Lackteen Moonlight and Cactus
1944 Eddie Quillan Moonlight and Cactus
1944 William "Bill" Phillips Swingtime Johnny
1944 Herbert Heywood Swingtime Johnny
1944 Harriet Hilliard Swingtime Johnny
1944 Tom Dugan Swingtime Johnny
1944 Alphonse Martell Swingtime Johnny
1944 John Hamilton Swingtime Johnny
1943 Patric Knowles Always a Bridesmaid
1943 Philip Van Zandt Always a Bridesmaid
1943 Billy Gilbert Always a Bridesmaid
1943 Charles Butterworth Always a Bridesmaid
1943 Mary Wickes How's About It?
1943 Shemp Howard How's About It?
1943 Walter Catlett How's About It?
1942 Donald O'Connor Give Out, Sisters
1942 Lorin Raker Give Out, Sisters
1942 Peggy Ryan Give Out, Sisters
1942 Walter Catlett Give Out, Sisters
1942 Dan Dailey Give Out, Sisters
1942 William Frawley Give Out, Sisters
1942 Charles Butterworth Give Out, Sisters
1942 Alphonse Martell Give Out, Sisters
1942 Duke York Give Out, Sisters
1942 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Give Out, Sisters
1942 Donald O'Connor Private Buckaroo
1942 Dick Foran Private Buckaroo
1942 Ernest Truex Private Buckaroo
1942 Huntz Hall Private Buckaroo
1942 Mary Wickes Private Buckaroo
1942 Harry James Private Buckaroo
1942 Peggy Ryan Private Buckaroo
1942 Shemp Howard Private Buckaroo
1942 Peggy Ryan What's Cookin'?
1942 Donald O'Connor What's Cookin'?
1942 Esther Dale What's Cookin'?
1942 Jane Frazee What's Cookin'?
1942 Gloria Jean What's Cookin'?
1942 Franklin Pangborn What's Cookin'?
1942 Leo Carrillo What's Cookin'?
1942 Billie Burke What's Cookin'?
1942 Charles Butterworth What's Cookin'?
1941 Lee Bowman Buck Privates
1941 Shemp Howard Buck Privates
1941 Jane Frazee Buck Privates
1941 Lou Costello Buck Privates
1941 Bud Abbott Buck Privates
1941 Nat Pendleton Buck Privates
1941 James Flavin Buck Privates
1941 Alan Curtis Buck Privates
1941 Tom Tyler Buck Privates
1941 Mike J. Frankovich Buck Privates
1941 Milton Parsons Hold That Ghost
1941 Marc Lawrence Hold That Ghost
1941 Janet Shaw Hold That Ghost
1941 Lou Costello Hold That Ghost
1941 Richard Carlson Hold That Ghost
1941 William H. Ruhl Hold That Ghost
1941 Shemp Howard Hold That Ghost
1941 Paul Newlan Hold That Ghost
1941 Edgar Dearing Hold That Ghost
1941 Joan Davis Hold That Ghost
1941 Paul Fix Hold That Ghost
1941 Thurston Hall Hold That Ghost
1941 Mischa Auer Hold That Ghost
1941 William Forrest Hold That Ghost
1941 Bud Abbott Hold That Ghost
1941 Evelyn Ankers Hold That Ghost
1941 Bud Abbott In the Navy
1941 Mickey Simpson In the Navy
1941 Claire Dodd In the Navy
1941 Dick Powell In the Navy
1941 Claire Whitney In the Navy
1941 Lorin Raker In the Navy
1941 Dick Foran In the Navy
1941 Lou Costello In the Navy
1941 Thurston Hall In the Navy
1941 Lyle Latell In the Navy
1941 Charles Sullivan In the Navy
1941 Shemp Howard In the Navy
1941 Jack Mulhall In the Navy
1940 The Ritz Brothers [Al, Jimmy, Harry] Argentine Nights
1940 George Reeves Argentine Nights
0 Frank Sinatra The Battle of the Baritones
0 Louis Armstrong Music Classics, Vol. 6
0 Bing Crosby Music Classics, Vol. 6
0 Bing Crosby World War II: The Music Video, Vol. 1
0 Bob Hope World War II: The Music Video, Vol. 1
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