The American Nurse Synopsis
Filmmaker Carolyn Jones travels the United States talking to nurses.

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The American Nurse

By gwenws
What a wonderful tribute to our profession! The producer gave us a gift way beyond what her nursing team gave her. My favorite was the VA Nurse...THAT is really how the Veterans Administration...

American Nurse

By Kdhugs
Touching documentary which show the compassion and diversity of nurses. Good nurses really do make a difference in the lives of their patients!...

The American Nurse

By lavenhoc
I enjoyed this film. A lot of information was shared about nursing in the areas that is not always talked about. It left me feeling the need to contribute more to this cause....


By theblancos710498
"The American Nurse" is a true gift to the nursing profession, and a must see film for all nurses and student nurses. This is an authentic depiction of what nurses do, and how it is that we go about...

Heart and Soul of Nursing

By jahrn502
The American Nurse is a documentary which doesn't show all of the places nurses work, in fact it doesn't even show the most common places nurses work, but it did show that nurses have a lot of room...

The American Nurse

By suxteignmouth
It is about time someone showed the true side of nursing. I worked in the field in a doctor's office for 18 years ,however I became a patient in 2014 and spent most of January totally reliant on...

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