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Decent Reboot

By obloodyhell
Written September 23, 2014
I saw no reason to reboot this, but they did a moderately decent job. The choice for Spiderman is too good looking and charming to be a proper Peter Parker -- Parker is a nerd and this one just isn't going to be one no matter how much they sell him as being otherwise. One thing I do note about this is their use of his fighting style is very effective in terms of "Spiderman", much more so than previous efforts -- he climbs over his oversized nemesis as a spider might, and uses his webbing in a very effective and appropriate manner to avoid attacks. A particular and specific "two thumbs up" for the fight choreography.
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Are you serious?

By ranceperry
Written July 03, 2012
Is the real Stan Lee dead? Was this movie meant to be a sarcastic slap to the face of the real Spider- Man fans? I wont get into the lack of true Imax footage, which was maybe 10 minutes if that. Yes it was very upsetting to see, at World Golf Village the largest Imax in the Southeast, 2 feet of black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen except for a few short minutes. That could have been over looked if the movie was actually good but it wasnt. To be fair let me say, if you have never heard of Spider Man or just dont get into the Super Hero type movies that much, you will probably enjoy this movie. If you have been a TRUE fan of Spidey since the beginning you will be let down. The only thing worse than this would be akin to the Star Wars disasters. After the first two original movies, maybe the best ever made, George Lucas ruined it by catering to little children instead of the true diehard fans. I couldnt believe how many changes Stan lee allowed to the Spider Man character.
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the amazing spider man

By risa102578
Written April 21, 2015
The movie was great I would pay to see it again. I loved how it told the story from the begining the actors and actresses did an awsome job. Will buy it when it comes out on dvd.
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The Amazing Spider-Man Delivers

By brownde727
Written July 04, 2012
As a hardcore Spider-Man that has faithfully read many Spider-man comic books for over 30 years, watched every Spider-Man cartoon in existence, the live action series from the late 70's, etc. I know quite a bit about this character and his history. Several changes were made to not only Spidey's origin but other historic details as well. Some have had issues with this but personally I don't because I was very intrigued by the changes and the direction that they were going in. I'm very happy with the movie. The actors delivered, the plot delivered, the special effects were absolutely stunning. There was a lot of action. There was a great love story. Basically I feel that the movie had something for everyone. This movie gets my highest possible recommendation. Go and see it immediately! True Spider-Man fans won't be disappointed!
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The Amazing Spider-Man exceeded my expectations

By Neon_Abyss17
Written July 28, 2015
It had so many mistakes that I thought would be bad. The story arc for example: *SPOILERS* The story arc is an alternate story of Peter Parker where his parents were Russian spies (such as Black Widow from the Avengers movie) and his dad worked with Dr. Kurt Connors (who essentially is missing his arm because of an accident in his past). I expected them to actually try and make the Lizard like Abomination (from the Hulk) and just be a science miscalculation (typical yet so lovable Marvel). The actors picked in this movie were so out of character (appearance wise [excluding Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy]). Spider-Mans costume looks amazing (hence the name!), but Andrew Garfield made Peter Parker his own little 'Skater-Boy'. I was so wrong. Everything was perfect, excluding a few bad jokes, Peter Parker is the same nerd and Spider-Man is the same cocky Spider-Man. 8/10
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