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Exceeded My Expectations

By marshall_alumni
Written July 15, 2012
I thought the Toby Maguire version was good. I didn't think that this rendition would be better but it is. It is not as " campy" as the first one. The story line was familiar but the character development and special effects where better.
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Better than the rest

By trblsmith
Written July 04, 2012
This was the best Spider-man Movie ever. Beats the others hands down. The action was great and the storyline was more in line with the comic book. Action! Effects! Worth every penney
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By nursing2u
Written July 03, 2012
It was a good movie.. definitely kept your attention. Truly didnt seem like a 2:17 min movie. that's saying a lot at midnight.. Normally we go to matinee, but this was worth going and paying full price!! I would say GO!!
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They got it right this time

By moviegirl1023
Written July 06, 2012
I'll admit I was skeptical of a reboot so soon after the last movie but I was hooked within the first five minutes. Andrew Garfield is a perfect Peter Parker and knows how to carry a scene without uttering a single word. Emma Stone is an amazing Gwen Stacy and a strong, smart female lead that young girls can look up to. I'm eagerly awaiting the next one and hoping Spidey will pop up in Avengers 2. A fangirl can dream right? Go see this movie, it's worth it.
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Spiderman was GREAT!!!

By movieblitz23
Written July 03, 2012
Go see the movie You wont be disappointed. If you can afford it go see it in 3D its more amazing in that feature. Wait after the credits ends to see hints to the sequel.
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