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A great time and no crying!!!

By zoberholzer
Written October 27, 2016
This is one of the most superior re-boots I've seen an quite some time! The lead is believable and while doing a great job as coming off as a Nerdy kid come mutated superhero, but he also was not whiny!!! After 20 minutes I was hooked!!!! No wasted time and filler back story like the other superhero movie. The female lead is beautiful AND comes of likable!!! The best money I've spent in a long time!!!!! Really make the other three male on male cry-fests even more unwatchable.
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Whoops Toby McGuire.

By ebids_medic1011
Written August 20, 2016
Sorry to all of those who loved the original movie series with Toby. I did at one time as well. But Spider Man 3 was sub par for me bad acting and just some down right awkward moments. This reboot was done just right. Although the 3D effects did make it a little "video gameish"...if you will. Other then that I thought it was awesome! There is way more emotion and heart put into the critical moments of the movie. And a sense or realism as well. You really feel for Parker when he was up against the lizard. Like oh S$%T there is no way he is going to do this. I really enjoyed the action scenes nothing to far fetched. Spiderman did everything Spiderman would have really done if he were here today. As for the chemistry between gwen and peter I felt was very emotional and very heart felt. Way better then Dunst and McGwire.
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A bit different

By drelltheman
Written July 04, 2012
Overall a good movie but not the original feel of Spider-Man or the other Marvel movies. Some special effects were cheesy. My son liked it so that was good enough for me.
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Better Reboot of the Spiderman Franchise!!

By zaltyna4
Written March 24, 2017
I was skeptical whether the latest version of the Spiderman story would be good. How wrong I was! Andrew Garfield did a terrific job as Peter Parker, actually embuing the teen orphan with more emotion and angst than Toby McGuire ever did. One of my daughter's male friends commented how Garfield's Peter is more like a realistic high school teen, especially with the skateboarding and fashion. The CGI, while prevalent, did not detract from the film. In fact, I found out after the movie that the Spidey web swinging scenes were done by a real stuntperson, which impressed me all the more!! Emma Stone was a tough yet tenderhearted Gwen Stacy. Comedian Denis Leary played Gwen's stern but loving police chief father. I was surprised to see screen veterans Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben and Sally Field as Aunt May; the pair providing balance and heart to the Peter Parker family storyline. Of course, there is the cameo of the ever present Stan Lee!!! A Spidey film not to be missed!
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The Amazing Spider-Man exceeded my expectations

By Neon_Abyss17
Written February 21, 2017
It had so many mistakes that I thought would be bad. The story arc for example: *SPOILERS* The story arc is an alternate story of Peter Parker where his parents were Russian spies (such as Black Widow from the Avengers movie) and his dad worked with Dr. Kurt Connors (who essentially is missing his arm because of an accident in his past). I expected them to actually try and make the Lizard like Abomination (from the Hulk) and just be a science miscalculation (typical yet so lovable Marvel). The actors picked in this movie were so out of character (appearance wise [excluding Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy]). Spider-Mans costume looks amazing (hence the name!), but Andrew Garfield made Peter Parker his own little 'Skater-Boy'. I was so wrong. Everything was perfect, excluding a few bad jokes, Peter Parker is the same nerd and Spider-Man is the same cocky Spider-Man. 8/10
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