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should be titled the good spiderman

By 11allstar
Written February 21, 2017
Forgive the facetiousness of the title. This review is mixed: THE GOOD Andrew Garfield plays a vulnerable and heartfelt young (highschool years) Peter Parker. His acting is at times riveting and emotional. Emma Stone plays Parker's first love, Gwen Stacy. She is attractive but witty and keeps Parker on his toes, even if he can't always muster up the right words. She gives strength and aids him when he can't find his way. Impressive visuals. The lizard man battle in the sewers is a classic spiderman nemesis fight scene. There are pockets of good scenes and Go Spidey moments for all. (hair-raising bridge rescue of child, parker "punking" flash on bball court, and a fun stan lee cameo. THE BAD There are many slow, but not memorable times in the movie..for instance outside of taking on some thugs..spidey doesn't fight his nemesis till virtually the end. Aunt May has little development The writing / directing doesn't help peter show enough emotion at times. Absent soundtrack
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Must Go See TASM

By swade3
Written October 26, 2016
The actors in this movie are what makes it such a great movie going experience. Garfield and Stone are a great duo together and just have breath taking chemistry on screen. All of the actors played their role to their best ability. The effects and action sequences were amazing and fun. 9/10. Must GO!!!
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Not the best Spidey Film, but still pretty good!

Written July 04, 2012
First and foremost: go see this film, in 3D if you can! It's worth it. The film was made for 3D, and while it's not Avatar quality, it's better than The Avengers! And there are little touches throughout the film that reward you for seeing it in 3D (particles, "into the camera", POV!) Now for the review: 7/10 Stars -Story: Same old origin story becomes grating at this point, almost whiney! There are differences, but the whole 'parent' angle only ends up feeling like a plot device. -Action: Excellent! Fight scenes are very fluid and CAN ACTUALLY BE FOLLOWED BY THE HUMAN EYE! Bravo! -Cast: Sorry, but I just don't feel the same care for a Sheen as I did for the previous Uncle Ben. And Sally Fields doesn't make a good Aunt May. At all. -Spidey: Noticably weaker and takes a LOT of damage. Seems his mask is off more than on! But has nice moves!! -Presentation: Good, but doesn't feel as polished as Raimi's Spiderman. -POV! Breathtaking scenes shot from Spidey's POV are Fun!
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1 topped 3

By marinesquad49
Written January 16, 2017
This Spiderman had a better flow than the other Spiderman movies made with Toby McGuire. I totally bought into the high school characters in this one and saw a better development into the Spiderman role here than in the first Spiderman ten years ago. There are some storyline differences in this one compared to the previous so it can be a bit confusing (web shooters). Overall a pleasing movie to see for any crowd.
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The Amazing Spider-man

By jtalker
Written July 05, 2012
First off can not figure out why Fandango has a poster of spider-man 4, May of 2011??? Movie was very good, I would go see it a second time. This young man pulled of a great Peter Parker. Loved that he invented the web-shooters and that the killer wasn't found right away. If the producer and writers stay on course and don't make the mistakes that spider-man 2 and 3 did it will be a great run!!! In other words "don't over crowd the bad guys" !!!!
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