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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Synopsis
A radioactive spider bite gives Peter Parker superpowers.
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By phillipchoi114
It's a good fun summer blockbuster with good characters and some very well done action sequences. It's all I wanted was a good movie and this movie delivered. I recommend you watch this movie with...

A worthy addition to the Spider-Man media dynasty

By murrellb
I enjoyed this movie opening night, and I don't regret one cent of the admission,. It is a well-done update to Spidey's seminal emergence. The action was tight and the effects were authentic. I...

The Amazing Spider-Man

By Tmyster89
The amazing spider-man movie was better then the other three spider-man movies because they finally follow the comic book correct in my opinion. I can't wait to but the amazing spider-man on blu-ray/...


By ClarkBar5804
Being a long time Spider Man fan, I really liked this movie. To me Andrew Garfeild was a more believable Peter Parker/Spider Man than Tobey. The different spin on the origin of him getting his...

Better than the previous movies!

By Merciel
At first, I wasn't into the new Peter Parker--He didn't seem nerdy enough--, but it actually worked out. It made for a much more convincing transformation into Spider-Man than Toby Maguire's....

Mark Webb did it right

By Logmeonoff
This movie is truer to the the comics in a sense and incredibly fun and satisfying go watch it you wont regret it. The chemistry between Emma and Andrew is amazing....

good movie, action packed, decent enough

By nng
The movie was done well for what it was. I felt it was a little slow paced in the beginning and almost boring having to rehash through all the scientific concepts and ideas. garfield was more a...


I’ve been a Marvel fan since I was old enough to ask my parents for comics. Raised my son as one also and while this Movie may be too emotionally advanced for some Marvel movie patrons, I feel it...

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie!!!! Love it!!!

By MysticEmFantasy5
I love this new Spiderman movie - the main actor and Emma Stone were amazing!! They bought this movie to life and made me cry a couple of times during the movie! I also laughed and was scared at...


By Tmesserbass
I was very hesitant to go see this film, but my boyfriend talked me into it. I'm glad he did. I like this storyline better than the original Spiderman film series. The main character is much more in...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sequences of Action & Violence
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Common Sense Media says Action-packed series reboot has lots to offer Spidey fans.
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