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A vast improvement on Sam Raimi's trilogy

By Denny LaChance
Written July 04, 2012
While reading other reviews for the Amazing Spider-Man, I have noticed that the people who liked it liked it because they thought it was a good movie while the people who disliked it didn't dislike it because they thought it was bad, they disliked it simply for existing. To those people, all i can say is get over it. This Spider-Man movie is better than Raimi's version for many reasons. Andrew Garfield is a much better Spider-Man and a better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire. Whereas Maguire played Peter /Spider-Man as a whiny geeky human doormat, Garfield plays the Peter/ Spider-Man from the comics. And Emma Stone( whose presence alone is enough to make a movie worth watching) is great as Gwen Stacy. She is not just a damsel in distress cough Kirsten Dunst! The action sequences were great to watch in 3D and James Horner's score i'll admit wasn't as memorable as Danny Elfman's but it was still good. There is more to praise about this movie but I'm running out of SPACE. 5/5
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Spidey Rules

By AjDont
Written July 03, 2012
There is a lot to be said about Marc Webb's latest films "The Amazing Spiderman." First of all this movie is a reboot of the classic Raimi trilogy that began almost ten years ago. Since then the franchise feel victim to one semi-flop in Spiderman 3. This latest Spiderman movie hopes to recapture the audience that was left underwhelmed by the last one. Unlike the first series of films this new movie captures a lot of the classic comic book story arcs that the other move simply did not think was important. With stand up performances by Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Spiderman has never been better acted or portrayed on film. Unfortunately the only part of the movie that fell flat was Uncle Ben and Aunt May. They were not developed enough. Ifans is amazing. The CGI at work to bring The Lizard to life is unreal, you will be scared and blown away. This movie will help you forget the crappy parts of the first series while this new movie will remind you of the awesome comics!
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Amazing spiderman

By batmanb118
Written July 03, 2012
The Amazing Spiderman is a movie for the whole family..the rebirth of this franchise was "greatly" needed to redeem itself from that downward spiral "Toby era" spiderman..this movie had great special effects as if they really had spiderman using all of his abilities..the cast had great chemistry for the fact that they've all bonded and got along really well to let you gain some attachment to the characters...and the action was completely consistent with all the fast paced fighting with some comical whitty remarks from spidey himself in the heat of battle...this time around spiderman is way more realistic and darker than previous movies...I guarantee that kids will become believers once again and put spiderman at the top of their heroes of all time list... everyone will enjoy this movie just as much as I have and I personally would recommend everyone to see it!!! Until next time Web-Heads!!!
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Much better than I expected

By stewski
Written July 08, 2012
I didn't expect much from this Spider-Man but I was pleasantly surprised. The main characters were a head and shoulders improvement over the old ones. The superhero skills developed in a more rational fashion. The character interactions were more believable. And seeing it in IMAX 3D was fabulous. As is typical with these action movies there is too much crashing and destruction, but it is what you expect today. All in all I would give it the highest rating and would highly recommend it to older children and adults alike.
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By Swoosh49er
Written July 07, 2012
It was great. Wasn't sure about a reboot but it was well worth it and look forward to seeing the rest of the trilogy. Liked the Garfield kid and Thompson in the show as well. My 5 year old loved it.
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