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So excited, I want more already.

By Taber_MA
Written July 03, 2012
Don't get me wrong, I collect comics, I love when movies are able to remain true to the actual story line that made me love the characters in the first place. However, I am in no way naive. This is Hollywood, just accept that liberties are going to be made to the story line. I have always been a Gwen Stacy fan so already this movie was going to be better for me. The previous films skipped straight to MJ and you never got the character building from the relationship with Gwen, and Emma Stone was magical. Also I love Dr Connors. It was the perfect villain for this series to start with. I love Andrew I think that his, true to character, cocky spiderman as opposed to Toby's whiny why me spiderman was much more spot on and true to the actual essence of the character. I think the fight scenes were so much better and the story line, while non-traditional, still managed to convey the concept of spiderman. I think it was the best Spiderman that has come out of Hollywood so far and I want more!
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Best Spiderman

By chargsrt8
Written July 04, 2012
This was the best Spiderman movie ever! The action scenes were incredible! You have to see this in IMAX 3D! Great great movie and had a more serious side to it. The special effects were awesome and the way spidey moved in the air while swinging on his web was just like the cartoons and comics. I cannot wait for part 2 in 2014 to come out.
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By tyrad18
Written July 03, 2012
BEST SPIDER MAN Series yet. The new kid is cute and the girl much prettier. The story line is more detailed and we watch him grow into spider man and not just become him. was great!
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New Spidey takes me back to Spidey of old!

By sprroach44
Written July 05, 2012
LOVE this Movie!!!!!! It's just like watching the old animated spidey cartoon from the 70's. Back to the old web shooters, can't wait till they run out during a intense battle so webhead can figure out how to beat the enemy on his own. This new movie ia must see for any Spidey fan!!!
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Best Spider-Man Yet

By moviefan4hire
Written July 11, 2012
I was a fan of the previous trilogy but this one did a much nicer job. Particular favorites were the new Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy and The Lizard was a far more accurate portrayal than the previous villains that made it to the big screen. My hope is that they do more of these, especially redoing the Venom story.
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