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I don't see why the critics have a problem with this movie!

By ranlif
Written July 03, 2012
This movie was fantastic. I am a huge comic book fan an I liked this movie better then the original. The acting was great and Emma Stone did an amazing job as Gwen. It was nice to have Gwen be a very active part of the story. It covered all its bases and kept me wanting more. Can't wait for the sequel!
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Amazing is right!

By peby01
Written July 05, 2012
I wasn't happy that they remade Spider-Man yet again and I was reluctant to go. Long story short, I was forced to go and LOVED every minute of it! AWESOME!! (I will hear the I told you so's for a long time) A definitely must see for any Marvel fan. I will never see a Marvel movie on the regular screen....IMAX 3D is the only way to see these action packed movies Actually thinking about seeing it again!!!!
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Amazing Spiderman

By Dude853
Written July 08, 2012
I watched it at the IMAX and loved it. Was on edge of my seat. I'm a comic book fan and I like the fact that they didn't jump the shark like the previous spiderman movie did. Stayed true to the story timeline.
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Check it out

By sachmoo
Written July 03, 2012
As it is derived from a completely different set of comics as the first spider-man flicks, it is a very different movie. An entertaining watch for comic fans and non comic fans alike. Plot holes, and a lot of Fluff, but that's standard for movies now right?
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Amazing Spiderman I MAX 3-D

By jabnme
Written July 12, 2012
I was sooooo Impressed that they finally made a super hero movie with the plot not being a happily ever after sappy love story. Excellent
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