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New Director & was better story & actors

By amarzuk
Written July 07, 2012
I'm a huge comic book geek. I know a good marvel movie when I see one. Nevermind the awesome CGI and special effects. Storyline great, actors great, action good, drama good, comic book accuracy was great. The 3 previous Spiderman movie was directed by Sam Raimi. This one was by Marc Webb who had some hits in the past but really outdid himself in this movie. Andrew Garfield is kinda goofy and funny looking but overall he was a good Peter Parker. He's the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg's best friend Eduardo in "Social Network". Ema Stone was awesome! I always love her quirky & playful character. As a blonde she looked great. Well thats its. I think I'm rambling. make sure you see it in 3D or IMAX!
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Pleasantly Surprised

By SpeedySasquatch
Written July 03, 2012
I went into the screening with very low expectations and quite a bit of apprehension as I wasn't really interested in seeing another telling of the creation story, but went looking forward to slick new style. To my surprise this version, in my opinion, surpasses the Raimi telling of the story. Garfield has more geeky charm and the supporting cast and the flow of the film keep it engaging, fun and well composed. It was less cartoony than the previous installment and it is visually awesome. Enjoy the geeky, nerdy high school awkwardness and some fantastically composed action sequences. This one will come in under the radar but is well worth the price of admission!!!
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Unexpectedly GOOD!

By patrick348
Written July 09, 2012
Well written, solid performance by all, and you must enjoy the chemistry between Peter and Gwen. Of course the library scene is the best and the funniest in the middle of mayhem (THANK YOU, Stan Lee!!!). There are most definitely some scenes that cause the tears to well up in your eyes. There was clear understanding sprinkled throughout of what it means to be a young man growing up, let alone having the adjustment of layering Spiderman on top of "normal". This film communicates on many levels. It is all about positive ambition versus negative ambition. It's more about self control and self discipline on an extreme basis. Whenever she is on the screen, Emma Stone's eyes dominate everything else. Uncle Ben's last scene and the subsequent voice-mail message are a major if subtle improvement in the overall story. When the cranes align, you must experience an emotional high. This was a very enjoyable movie.
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Amazing Spider-Man: An IMAX Experience

By rossgar
Written July 04, 2012
I thought the movie was great! I didn't know how I would like a new actor stepping into Tobey MacGuire's role but it was done with no problem. The movie kept me interested the whole time. This was my first time seeing an IMAX movie, and it was enjoyable. Loved the huge screen and the sound. The 3-D part was fantastic! I honestly don't think it was worth the extra money, but I did love the movie.
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Good 1st installment

By GMyers23
Written July 04, 2012
I really like the movie. The background story about his parents was expected. The action scenes were pretty good. The special effects and Spider-Man's movements were better than the previous movies. The feel of the movie is more gritty and has more attitude as well. I think this is a good reboot for this franchise.
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