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You have to see it!

By Skyhawk789
Written July 07, 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man is a must watch, it is such a great story (the writers did this one justice) and Marc Webb did phenomenal for his first directed blockbuster! Anyone who over criticizes this movie, has no personality or imagination. Do yourself a favor and go see it!
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Written July 24, 2014
Awesome! Best use of 3d of any film to date. Engrossing story, excellent cinematography & effects, flawless acting, incredible chemistry between Garfield & Stone, just a perfect movie. Oh, and RPX theater at Regal Salisbury MD was perfection.
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Excellent Reboot

By ThunderAgent
Written July 08, 2012
I actually enjoyed this Spider-Man more than the original trilogy...which I also happened to like very much (well, not so much the third one). It was more emotional and heartfelt...and besides that, The Spidey scenes were incredible. I loved the extra attention on his webs and his swinging through the city. I almost felt like I was there swinging along with him. Great CGI effects this time!!! Anyone who refuses to go because they are loyal to the original are depriving themselves of a great time at the movies. Besides, the comics have reboots constantly and nobody complains...why not movies?
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Exciting take on Spidey

By bmk007
Written July 24, 2014
Refreshing new look at the Spiderman story. Great acting. Great cast. Lizard scenes can be intense, so keep the little ones under 12 at home. It is rated PG-13 for a reason. Story is really set up for a sequel.
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Great Movie

By marciodkastro
Written July 03, 2012
It was great going back to the origin of spiderman, for the young kids who never read the comic books or watched old cartoons or the original movies, now they'll know how it all happened. Movie is packed with action and great graphics.
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