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The Amazing Marvel Super Hero Movie

By greedolair
Written July 03, 2012
Wow! Marc Webb really delivered a well directed, well acted, well visualized story. Going into this movie, I had mixed feelings and thoughts about a new Spiderman, new costume, and new origin story. Then, into the first five minutes of the flick, I really liked where this film was leading. Furthermore, I was fully invested in each and every character as they came along and I was fully engaged in this movie until the movie end. Kudos to the rising star Andrew Garfield for delivering a new Spiderman that I and my family will be repeat watching for years to come. Also, Kudos to Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field for rendering knock out supporting roles with heart and sole.
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GREAT Spiderman story!

By rlevitz
Written July 31, 2014
Andrew Garfield was an awesome pick for this role. He added his own bit of attitude to Peter Parker as well as Spiderman. I really preferred this story to the Tobey Maguire version. There was a bunch of action, some suspense, and just the right amount of humor. And of course Stan Lee made his little cameo. ...And there was no "evil bangs" like in Spiderman 3... Whew!
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An interesting take on an old story

By TWM71
Written September 19, 2014
I wasn't sure how this new version was going to turn out, but I genuinely liked it. It was grittier, somehow. More real than the previous versions. The story felt as though it had been reduced to core elements, despite the heavy use of special effects, which didn't get in the way thankfully. Well worth your dollar, however, are the scenes of ol' Webhead in motion. Swinging through the air, climbing up buildings, battling large lizards. Breathtaking stuff.
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By brownhornet1
Written July 08, 2012
I Loved it, in the begining I thought that it wasnt going to be all that great. It turned out to be one of the better spiderman movies because he wasnt as nerdy as the last spider man and he showed much more interest in Gwen than the previous spiderman shower in mary jane. Overall this movie is better because its much more realistic an caters a modern day audience. I loved it.
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Spider Man = Passing of the Torch

By WIT27
Written August 30, 2014
I had to admit that before seeing the movie I had my doubts, because of Tobey Maguire's interpretation, but Andrew Garfield played the part very well. He definitely had me rooting for him in the fight scenes and he was able to capture Spidey's human side just as well as Maguire. Some people may not agree for whatever reason, but the movie script is strong and something that I appreciated in this movie over the Maguire Spidey movies was that this Spidey had his wit during the fight scenes and just like in the comic books, he built his web shooters. I think Spidey fans who appreciated the Maguire movies will come to see this movie as Maguire passing the torch to Garfield. Great film and a must see in my opinion.
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