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Is it the same Spider-Man you've already seen?

By aaayala939
Written June 28, 2016
First off I do have to say, I'm a huge Spider-Man fan more-so for the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series when I was a child. For me no other Spider-Man title was official unless it was stamped The Amazing Spider-Man, and there were others like say Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man just to name a few. That being said, this movie had some expectations to fill since it dared land the official title. Would there be a teen really struggling with real problems? Would he carry on the same sarcasm humor that Toby really couldn't carry over from the comic book realm? Would the acrobatics be able to amaze and convince me that this was the incarnate straight from colored pages I read? Toby never fit the bill, but Andrew Garfield stuck to the essence and made it happen. No matter how many times you re-tell this story you have to stick with the basics, but they did so with emotion, twists, a good cliffhanger and Amazement.
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Spider-man 3D

By Wild Turkey 55
Written August 31, 2016
You Have to be a fan of spider-man If you are then this is a great Movie, More updated explaination of spider-man being bitten to become who he is. The device to shoot his web is more believeable. His life is closer to a real teenager of his time. The lead actors are really good. The lizard was cool. The first time kids and yes us older ones loved it. Must go see. 3D is really cool concept.wish I could shoot a web on some people mouths like in the movie, cool concept sad it wont work on my kids.. Ha Ha just kidding..
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Amazing Spiderman..2 Thumbs Up !!

By MovieBuff 2077
Written August 26, 2016
Took my 5 year old to see the movie as he's a Spiderman fav. We both enjoyed it. Made us laugh, cry, and jump and is a must see in 3-D!!!!
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By maidtosparkle123
Written February 06, 2016
This movie rocked! Andrew Garfileld was made for this role and he has a wonderful personality and it really comes out in this role. The script is very well written and much more believable than the other movies have been. We saw it in 3 D and it was incredible. The graphics and special effects will blow your mind. Andrew and Emma Stone have incredible chemistry and you can feel their emotion. Sally Field plays Aunt Mae beautifully to Martin Sheens Uncle Ben. Both are incredible! We have been waiting for this movie to come out and it was worth every minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Amazing Spiderman

By dozierc
Written June 27, 2016
I really enjoyed this movie and the twist of PP parents. What really happened to them, who was that guy at the very end scene. Hopefully you did not leave when credits started to roll or you would have missed that. Who are PP parents are they spies, assassins or what....... Will have to wait to 2014 or so for the next installment. I also love how Stan Lee always inserts himself in his movies nothing big just a bit role. He's SL he's the man.
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