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Spiderman Reboot A Success

By syoungs828
Written July 03, 2012
Marvel Studios seems to have developed a solid formula for the big-screen adaptation of their most beloved stories. One innate factor of success is having already established concrete visuals in their comics, unlike books such as the Harry Potter series, or Fifty Shades of Grey, where each and every reader develops their own mental images. But here, in comic-book land, the reader is treated to tried-and-true images, characters, and origin stories, with the occasional re-vamp or retelling, as new generations of artists and writers bring their flavors to the sauce. And that is what you have here with Amazing. The first Sam Raimi classic just ten years old, Spidey celebrates his double-digit anniversary with an already refreshing new take. Andrew Garfield relates to the pimply masses as Peter Parker, thrills us and makes us chuckle deep as "Bug Boy", and Emma Stone is sinfully delicious as Gwen Stacey. Kudos to director Marc Webb. So much more to say, not enough space here.
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Garfield a more convincing web slinger than Maguire

By wolf17
Written July 07, 2012
If you're a Stan Lee fan, you'll enjoy this version of Spider-man.Andrew Garfield is to Tobey Maguire's Spider-man as Christian Bale is to Michael Keaton's Dark Night.
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A great new take on Spider-Man

By zippityzzz
Written July 04, 2012
If you liked the first two Spider-Man movies and HATED the third this may just be the best one yet. Just see the damn thing it is great!
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Solid Spidey Movie!

By Tristiang
Written July 05, 2012
The early news of this movie did not move me and I was not sure about Andrew Garfield. Well, I can honestly say that he did a great job as Peter/Spider-Man. Marc Webb gave Garfield a license for a more realistic approach to Peter than Raimi's films. He brings a lot of emotion to the character, but is still fun. He does an amazing job, pardon the pun. Martin Sheen is also stellar as Uncle Ben. You feel the connection between him and Peter. Sally Fields has some good scenes, Dennis Leary is spot on as Captain Stacy, and Emma Watson is lovely as Gwen. The Lizard works pretty well as a villian, but I did feel the character was missing a little something. Rhys Ifans is a fine actor and does a good job, but the development of the character to me could have been better. There was a lot to get through though in this movie so something had to be short changed. Norman Osborn will surely be in the next one. The movie is emotional with spectacular visuals and is most importantly fun! Go see it.!
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The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

By corleone001
Written July 28, 2014
The movie was great but the 3D was not the best... Movies are losing the real 3D aspect of the movies... I would have see in it on 2D and still gotten the great movie. Go see it in 2D, don't pay the extra money for the 3D the value is not there. What I do recommend is to go see it in IMAX for the great sound. Enjoy the movie.
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