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Amazing Spider-Man Truly Amazing

By asp039
Written July 04, 2012
Wow, this movie was amazing. It made me laugh, cry, it just had me hooked to the edge of my seat. I couldn't take my eyes off the movie screen. Just the story line and the flow of how the characters worked with each other. I also liked the direction, felt very realistic! Its just a movie that is a must go, i want to go see it again. At the end of the movie stay for the credits, there's an extra clip for the upcoming Spider-Man. I dragged my friend with me who disliked the Spider-Man movies, and thought the main characters name was "Peter Pan", in the end she loved it and cant wait for the next one. Just go see it, the changing of the characters, and the way the story was retold was EPIC!!!! Deferentially a must see!!!!
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Written August 21, 2014
Awesome! Best use of 3d of any film to date. Engrossing story, excellent cinematography & effects, flawless acting, incredible chemistry between Garfield & Stone, just a perfect movie. Oh, and RPX theater at Regal Salisbury MD was perfection.
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Excellent Reboot

By ThunderAgent
Written July 08, 2012
I actually enjoyed this Spider-Man more than the original trilogy...which I also happened to like very much (well, not so much the third one). It was more emotional and heartfelt...and besides that, The Spidey scenes were incredible. I loved the extra attention on his webs and his swinging through the city. I almost felt like I was there swinging along with him. Great CGI effects this time!!! Anyone who refuses to go because they are loyal to the original are depriving themselves of a great time at the movies. Besides, the comics have reboots constantly and nobody complains...why not movies?
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Exciting take on Spidey

By bmk007
Written July 24, 2014
Refreshing new look at the Spiderman story. Great acting. Great cast. Lizard scenes can be intense, so keep the little ones under 12 at home. It is rated PG-13 for a reason. Story is really set up for a sequel.
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By jacalyngp
Written July 05, 2012
i have to admit, the only reason that i saw the spiderman movie was because Ted was sold out and i didnt want to schlepp myself to another theatre. its not that i wasnt/ am not into super hero movies, its just that i wasnt really a fan of the other spiderman movies, still, I have to say THIS MOVIE BLEW ME AWAY. the acting was great, and the stunts were awesome. it was really the best (so far) movie i have seen all year......
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