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By mikerydquist
Written September 30, 2014
In keeping with the action packed series of Spiderman movies released in recent years. My wife and I loved this movie and the cinematography was mindblowing. If you like these kinds of movies I would encourage you to see this in the theater and not wait for the Blue Ray. You will miss the best part of the experience.
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Best Spiderman Movie to Date

By nandolyons
Written July 04, 2012
This movie's representation of Spiderman is closer to the original, wise-cracking comics version of the character. In motion, he is like the quick and super agile comics character. Like in the comics, Spiderman has to use web-shooters that he creates, instead of having webs come from his wrists (yuck). The movie is well-cast, the acting is really good, and there is great onscreen chemistry between Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spiderman) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey). The main protagonist, the Lizard, is a classic Spidey nemesis, and was well/accurately-repented in this movie. The action and fight scenes were REALLY good...much better than anything in the pervious trilogy. My only problems with the movie, were 1) they changed Spidey's costume a little & 2) You CANNOT have a Spiderman origin story without Uncle Ben saying, "With great power comes great responsibility. These are minor complaints on what I thought was a really good movie.
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This movie was awesome.

By elgrandloco82
Written July 07, 2012
This has to be one of the best Spider Man movies I've ever seen probably since the original Spider Man. Hell it may even top the original Spider Man movie as this version of Peter Parker is not constantly emo and they actually have a scary villain. Now its not without its flaws mind you, but there really not to bad and they don't take away from the enjoyment of the film. The action is great, the acting is pretty good, I like that they did do some homages to the McGuire films and I actually liked that a lot of characters such as Flash Thompson were actually given some depth. I was actually surprised as from the look of the original trailers it looked like this was going to be an emo, twilight like Spider Man. But it just completely took me by surprise as Spider Man was still Spider Man, it was the world around him that was darker and gritter. So yeah this is a great movie and I would def. recommended it for anyone who loves action/superhero films. I can't wait of the nest installment.
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Good but not great

By JohnBender
Written July 07, 2012
While I enjoyed the movie I didn't think we needed to sit through an hour of origin story again. With that said, once Peter becomes Spiderman the movie really soars. The 3D is pretty great at times too.
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Revamped Saga Entertaining, But Comes With Lukewarm Aftertaste...

By detrichwong
Written July 03, 2012
The re-make of Spider Man takes a new look at Peter Parker's evolution into our masked hero. And, while the film has solid character development, an Academy-winning cast ensemble, awesome 3D/ CGI effects, and an entertaining story line, something is missing... So, what's exactly wrong here? Although all the crucial ingredients are present, the movie ultimately lacks "soul," and consequently leaves audiences entertained, but with a lukewarm aftertaste. The first hour meanders aimlessly over fruitless details of Parker's youth and awkwardness as a teenager. His transformation into Spider Man progresses in a somewhat, choppy, questionable sequence. Clearly, the studio is setting up a sequel from the get go. But, by the time the action scenes take flight, one finds oneself trying to forget the earlier, awkward boredom. That said, the action sequences are truly exciting, the A-class cast delivers great performances. And, Emma Stone is both classy and beautiful as a blonde...
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