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Worth Watching Great Plot and Cinematography

By EyesHaveIt
Written June 28, 2016
This movie has fantastic acting, especially by Andrew Garfield who plays Peter Parker, and the supporting cast. I also love Sally Field in this movie. The plot and scenes are also great. I watched it in 3D, and most of the movie can be seen without it, but towards the end, there are one or two scenes that made my jaw drop, and made the 3D completely worth it. I won't mention which scenes they are -- you'll have to see for yourself.
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By mikefj2004
Written July 04, 2012
Spider-Man is easily the least of my favorite fans but being a comic book fanatic, I was obligated to watch this movie. The movie was good; worth the $14 I paid to watch it in IMAX 3D. It was certainly better than all the other spider-man movies, especially that forsaken first one. My gripes with this one was the cheesy romantic scenes, and the over exaggeration of spider-mans powers. No doubt, when spidey was bit by the spider his abilities were certainly heightened. However, this movies appeared to over exaggerate them, making it appear as though this was Superman's(my favorite character of all time) seed. His strength was just a bit over doing. Other than that, similar to the comics and the fight scenes were great. James Horner, like usual, did a rather masterful job with the score. Great orchestra to voicing ratio with balancing percussion which I think really amplified this movie. All in all, I'm satisfied. BTW, if you live in NYC, watch this movie at the Lincoln Ctr IMAX. HUGE
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More hip than mcguire and dunst

By larry979
Written December 02, 2015
Its like an upgrade rather than a reboot. tobey and kirsten were ok, but emma stone is just plain hott. the new spidey guy is more cool and not as much as a momma's boy like tobey. Sally Field is a little easier to stomach on the screen compared to the other aunt may - but not as near to the comic book version. I'm curious to know who the next villain will would be super cool to reboot the green goblin again and make it "real" to kill off gwen stacy and have peter go thru his whole emotional rollercoaster since he made that "promise." Overall i would say its better than version 1, movies 1 and 3, but not movie 2.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

By mglohmeyer
Written February 08, 2016
Good movie. liked the plot line and depth of explanation of the "how did this happen". 3D especially effective and even clearer & brighter without the glasses.
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The Amazing Spiderman: Best Spiderman Movie?

By diegom
Written June 29, 2016
The Amazing Spiderman wasn't the pointless, boring remake that I was expecting. Is it the best Spiderman movie? No, it is not. But it is better than Spiderman 3 and it is, in fact, a very fun rollercoaster ride. The acting was good from about everyone. Emma Stone was the best. I had a problem with Rhys Ifans, he was actually a very boring villain. But other than that, the cast is great. I was a bit skeptical about the visual effects and how the Lizard was going to look. After watching it in IMAX 3D, I have to say the visuals were beautiful and the Lizard didn't look bad at all. I recommend this for anyone over the age of 12. I give this an 83%
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