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Very Sentimental VERY LOW action

By AppleFace24
Written April 20, 2017
The title says it best! If your expecting action, suspense, your not going to get very much of that out of a 2hr and 21 minute movie! It's a love store!!! Could have waited for it to come out ok DVD!
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so good

By leuzer
Written August 24, 2014
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Good Sequel better than most!

By simpsonsfan22
Written September 12, 2016
I liked the story and the way it went into depth of the characters background. I was disappointed with the ending though because it was so sad.
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Enjoy a chick flick

By 00mnky
Written August 24, 2014
The entire movie was lame and a total let down. Don't waste your money wait and rent it for the family, but make sure you have other plans it's not an attention getter.
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Too many plot lines

By J Rocka
Written May 03, 2014
Is it a mystery? Is it a love story? Is it about Green goblin? is it about electro? the tones all over the place.
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